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Student Tours to the U.S.


Covering much of the North American landscape, the United States has everything to offer for your educational travel needs. With its fascinating history stretching back 400 years and its incredible mix of cultures and landscapes, you are sure to find and customize the perfect itinerary for your students, suited to your teaching.

Top Destinations

New York City Tours

From immersive workshops to in-depth museum tours, we'll show you NYC's diverse heritage, its hard-working roots, and its eccentric artistic edge.

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Washington D.C. Tours

Our D.C. programs stuff iconic milestones, monuments and activities into an action-packed itinerary that's as entertaining as it is educational. 

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Boston Tours

In Boston, you literally can't turn a corner without looking at (or standing on) a monument or milestone that helps tell the story of the birth of a nation.

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Destinations On the Rise

Spanish New York Tours

Help your students apply their Spanish with hands on workshops and cultural activities while experiencing one of the best cities out there.
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College Discovery Tours

Choosing the right college is not always an easy choice. We can help plan your campus visits and add some fun stops along the way!

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Chicago Tours

From dizzying skyscraper views to harrowing 1920s gangster tales to majestic riverboat cruises, Chicago is a deep dish of excitement and adventure!

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Peek at Other Destinations

California Tours

From San Fran to LA, we're treating you to history, diversity and pop-cultural thrills in one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the world.
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Philadelphia Tours

Calling all history buffs! Just seeing the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution at Independence Hall gives us goosebumps.
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Louisiana Tours

Bayou tours, Mississippi River cruises and plantation visits will immerse you in Creole history, and you'll never forget New Orleans.
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Orlando Tours

Become the wizard or princess you were meant to be at Universal Studio or Walt Disney Resort. 


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