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Online registration and payment portal



A personalized trip planning tool that is time-saving for parents and fun for teachers.

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So, what are its features?
  • The portal manages participant registration and collects all important tour information in one place (name, date of birth, passport number, allergies, dietary restrictions, emergency numbers, you name it!), which you can consult and export at your convenience.

  • The payments can be set up in a way that responds to every family's budget and needs. Whether you want to pay all in one installment or pay through biweekly payments of $50, it's possible!

  • No more running after payments. Parents get automated payment reminders and have access to our portal support team if they have any questions.

  • Communication between teachers and participants has never been so easy with the help of our portal’s messaging functionality.

  • Managing the registration process is now effortless when having to deal with multiple bus tours. If you have enough participants on the wait list, you can open a second bus!

  • The portal offers each participant a unique “help me travel” link that can be used for individual fundraising in a very simple way and without any school support. Participants can follow their progress online.

  • The integrated rooming list functionality simplifies rooming list management for teachers (it's literally the best thing since sliced bread).

  • No surprises! The portal gives you direct access to detailed information about Jumpstreet's insurance products offer, as well as Jumpstreet's cancellation policy.


Want to see more? Schedule an in-depth tour of the platform with one of our portal specialists.

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