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Student Group Travel Destinations


Our school trips are as enriching as they are entertaining. Let's find the perfect fit for your next student group tour! 


Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa and more. There are great language learning opportunities up here - even immersion. Canada has something for everyone.
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United States

From History to Language curriculums, the USA delivers so many class trip opportunities, it's easy to lose count. We're keeping track for you.
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Your students will cherish these Europe class trips for life. From France to Spain to Greece, you can blend all kinds of curriculums into these programs.
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Latin America

Our Spanish immersion programs have been running for 30 years and counting. We've got some great options for your class, with or without leaving North America!
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Featured Destinations

It comes as no surprise that we've earned some fan favourites. Is it the allure of the destination, or the sheer quality of our itineraries? Probably both.
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Language Destinations

We started in Quebec, so we're big on bilingualism. French tours of Quebec and France; Spanish tours of Spain, Central America and even NYC. It's all here.

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Why Travel With Jumpstreet?

Jumpstreet gets rave reviews all-around. We were pleased with the level of knowledge the tour leaders had, the great food that was served, and the many things we learned. We were very pleased with the hotel accommodations!

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