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The crew behind the scenes

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Together, we accumulate 150 years of experience in educational travel.

Fatou Diop

Senior Operations Manager

Starting off in 2008 as an Administrative Coordinator and then Operations Coordinator for Jumpstreet, Fatou is now our Senior Operations Manager, thanks to her immense experience and work ethic. And have we mentioned her incredible hot sauce recipe?

Alexis Biron

Sales Director

Our in-house comedian, Alexis, first started out as a Tour Leader before going on to manage our Jumpstreet Tour Leader team. Now he develops new destinations & products, and manages our Tour Consultant Team as Director of Sales. 

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Fang Luo

Finance Director

At Jumpstreet for many years now, Fang not only leads the Montreal Accounting Team, she also holds the reigns of all WorldStrides Canada businesses as Finance Director. Ready to a crack a joke at all times, it's always a fun time when you bump into Fang!

Vanessa Kingsland-Lavoie

Marketing Manager

Vanessa has worn many hats over her 10 years at Jumpstreet: Tour Leader, Sales Rep, Tour Coordinator, and now the head of our Communications & Marketing. She's the voice behind our itineraries, newsletters, social media, and more!

Stephanie Najjar

Office Manager

A key member of our team, Steph can be seen managing 1001 office projects on the daily. Since joining the team in 2022, she brightens up the office with her positive energy, on top of always lending a helping hand and making everything look easy.

Alex Ffrench

Tour Consultant

'Pal' has been working with us for two decades now, first as a legendary Tour Leader and now as an iconic member of our Sales Team. One of our most knowledgeable reps for U.S. & Canada trips, Alex is always ready to make the most out of your trip.

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Livia Laverdure

Tour Consultant

Starting out in 2010 as an Operations Coordinator, and then Tour Coordinator, Liv has now become a valuable, well-rounded asset of our Sales Team. Often on the road attending teacher conferences, don't be shy to stop by our Jumpstreet booth to say 'hi'!

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Dennis Boktor

Tour Consultant

Having worked for Jumpstreet for over a decade now, Dennis has become a long-time favorite for many trip organizers and team members alike. Looking to chit-chat about your next student tour or getting some tips on how to raise 4 kids? Dennis has got you!

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Claudia Goddard

Tour Consultant

Claudia is not new to world of travel and tourism, having started off as French guide book writer, back in 2007. Since then, she has worked for travel agencies in Asia and South America, before bringing her expertise to our Sales Team in 2017.

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David Zaragoza Sanchez

Tour Consultant

English, French, Spanish, it's always a choose your own (language) adventure with David! Born and raised in Barcelona, David has helped develop our International and Service-Learning product offer since joining our Sales Team in 2021.

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Cécile Claude

Tour Consultant

With over 10 years of experience in educational travel, Cécile is one of our most experienced Tour Consultants. Her specialty: International trips! Not only has she travelled the world, she's got a flair for creating the perfect hands-on itineraries.

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Maïlys Aumaitre

Tour Consultant

With a lifelong passion for travel and discovery, on top of many years of experience working in travel in France, Maïlys has become a valuable team player of the Jumpstreet Sales Team, bringing knowledge of travel and enthusiasm to the office every day.

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Valeria Gomez

Tour Consultant

Originally from Mexico City and having travelled from a young age, Valeria quickly found out the positive benefits of exploring the world. Her experience in travel has motivated her to share her passion with others as part of our Sales Team. 

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Lorea Goudour

Tour Consultant

Originally from France, Lorea's love for travel brought her to Jumpstreet in 2022. With a background in tourism development and in tour leading, Lorea understands the ins and outs of educational travel and plays an important role in our Sales Team. 

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Perrine Fabre

Tour Consultant

Fresh out of France, Perrine joins our Sales Team with drive and motivation. As an experienced globetrotter, Perrine understands the importance of immersing oneself in new cultures and loves sharing her passion for travel with others.

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Penelope Poitras

Tour Consultant & Marketing Coordinator

Penelope is the double agent of the office, bringing her charisma and former tour leading experience to both the Sales & Marketing Teams. Like many of our team members, travel is engraved in Penelope’s heart, motivating her to bring her 110% each day.

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Lorraine Paquette

Tour Consultant

Lorraine joined the Jumpstreet family in 2023. Having just finished her Master's in tourism development, she brings a new set of eyes to our Sales Team. Always with a smile on her face, Lorraine is hard at work sharing her enthusiasm for travel with others. 

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Killian Gaborit

Sales Support & Customer Service Supervisor

Meet Killian, the man with the answers to all your questions! As our Sales Support & Customer Service Supervisor, Killian ensures that parents, teachers and students have the best Jumpstreet experience, on and off the road.

Claudia Ortiz

Sales Support & Customer Service Coordinator

Originally from Peru, Claudia's spark for travel lit up many years ago already. Having joined our Sales Support and Customer Service Team in 2023, Claudia brings her passion of exploring the world and energy to the office every day.

Geoffray Ielo

Sales Support & Customer Service Coordinator

Description to come.

Loredana Toma

Accounting Supervisor

Loredana, our teammate with the absolute best laugh, has been with Jumpstreet's Accounting Team since 2010. As a supervisor, she ensures that our suppliers are paid on time so you can enjoy their A1 services while you're on the road.

Kiki Luo

Accounting Clerk

Kiki is probably one of the most popular members of our team, and it's not just because she's in charge of the payroll! As part of our incredible Accounting Team, Kiki brings hard work and a calm confidence to the office, every day. 

Carla Marchetto

Office Administrator

Being our office administrator, Carla is the very first face you’ll see when walking into the Jumpstreet office. With a background in dance and in graphic design, Carla truly is a multi-talented team player who easily invests herself in several office projects.

Stephanie Kraess

International Product Supervisor

Stephanie joined our Operations team in 2016. Originally from France, she is instrumental to our International Department, bringing her savvy to the development of all our international and French immersion products.

Émilie Tremblay

Domestic Product Supervisor

Presenting Émilie, the funniest member of our team! When she isn't cracking a joke, she's hard at work on an upcoming tour. Using her past experience as Tour Consultant & Tour Coordinator, she is now an essential member of our senior Ops team.

Melanie Dewar

Tour Leader Team Coordinator

Superstar tour leader since 2019, Melanie has tackled most North American and European destinations by now. Lucky for us, she is now spreading her on-the-road experience with others, taking the charge as our Tour Leader Team Coordinator. 

Chaimae Boucherka

Transportation Coordinator

Originally from Morocco, Chaimae has quickly become Jumpstreet’s transportation expert since joining our Operations Team in 2023. From coaches to flights, and public transportation to train rides, Chaimae ensures our groups get from point A to B.

Marianne Gagnon-Potvin

International Operations Coordinator

Marianne brings her vast knowledge of International Travel to our Operations Team, ensuring smooth sailing overseas! With a goal of setting foot on all 7 continents, she's a precision guru who does everything to guarantee we deliver a memorable tour.

Caroline Gratien

Hotel Coordinator

Lo and behold - Caroline, our Operations Team’s hotel genius! Caroline is the one to thank when it comes to ensuring a restful night for both students and chaperones while out on the road. Speaking of restfulness, did you know she's a total metal head?

Marie-Catherine Hall

Domestic Operations Coordinator

Always bringing positivity and comedy to the plate since joining our team - MC, as we affectionately call her, works hard to ensure that your student tour to the U.S. runs as smoothly as possible. She takes care of the details, so you don’t have to!

Lysyane Clavette

Domestic Operations Coordinator

Lysyane is a valuable player of our Operations Team. Bringing her commitment to excellence to each and every task that comes her way, she is a true professional with a strong work ethic that has our business mission at heart.

Josiane Laberge

Domestic Operations Coordinator

Description to come.

Vincent Bertin

Domestic Operations Coordinator

Description to come.

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