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About WorldStrides

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Jumpstreet Educational Tours joined the WorldStrides family in 2019, and are thrilled to be a part of an organisation that values experiential learning and travel as much as we do.


About WorldStrides

WorldStrides first began in 1967, when a social studies teacher was inspired to start his own company after taking his class to Washington D.C. to learn about civics. This company grew to become WorldStrides, a leader in educational and immersive travel experience for students.
WorldStrides sends students and educators across the world to perform in world-class performance venues and prestigious festivals, commemorate history globally, and explore the culture of destinations all across the world. WorldStrides prides itself on a proven track record, keeping learning at the core, and on providing personal care. WorldStrides has designed unique programs for over 9 million students and teachers with a team that is passionate about making every experience easy from A to Z.
To learn more about WorldStrides, head here.
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