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Student Tours to Europe


The Old Continent has it all: culture, language, architecture, landscapes, climate, history... From Iceland to Greece via Italy or Germany, take your students on the trip of a lifetime!

Top Destinations

France Tours

Our suite of immersive France programs stretch far beyond the classic Paris experience. Your class will talk about this trip for years to come.

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Spain Tours

From Costa Brava to Costa del Sol, you're going to love practicing your Spanish while uncovering this country's endless diversity and charm.

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United Kingdom & Ireland Tours

Between England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, our UK trips breathe life into your history curriculums. We dare you not to fall in love with the Highlands.
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Italy Tours

Our Italy trips compliment virtually any curriculum, from language to art to history. And the food! We could really use some of that dolce vita.
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Greece Tours

When mythology meets perfect climate, to which are added culinary discoveries and breathtaking landscapes. What more? Let's make way to Greece!

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Destinations On the Rise

Germany Tours

With unprecedented diversity and fascinating past, present and future, Germany is a must for your History and Social Studies curriculums.
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Portugal Tours

A hidden gem not so secret anymore. Portugal offers everything you wish for, amazing food, beautiful scenery and a mysterious culture.

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Croatia Tours

Definitely the next go-to destination. With more than 1000 miles of coastline and 698 islands, a stop at the beach is a must.

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Ireland Tours

Dublin is as rich in history as it is in personality. A must-see city. And once you venture into the countryside, you're going to fall in love. 

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Switzerland Tours

With ski villages that look like a scene from The Sound of Music, thermal springs and chocolate from the source, expect this trip to be delicious and educational! 

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Iceland Tours

Volcanoes, geysers and sparsely populated vastness, here is what awaits you for your trip to Iceland, where sustainable tourism and geology will enhance your programs perfectly. 

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Two Destinations, One Sweet Trip 

Greece & Italy Tours

Dive into the history of civilizations with this combo trip that will cover the most interesting sites of Greece and Italy, with a nice touch of Mediterranean sweetness. 
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Ireland & Scotland Tours

Get the best of the Celtic world with an itinerary combining the green valleys of Ireland to the mysterious Scottish moors. 
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Spain & Portugal Tours

Discover the beauties of the Iberian peninsula with this itinerary that will bring you from the sandy coast of Spain to rocky one of Portugal, through so many marvels! 
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Southern Italy: Rome & Naples Tours

Freshen up on ancient Roman history, learn how to cook the best Napoli pizza & admire the splendid Amalfi Coast on a  student trip to remember.
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Why Jumpstreet?

Great blend of fun and educational activities! I was especially pleased at how much the students enjoyed the Museum of Archeology. And I was glad we had guided tours at every place! 
Ann Elyse, Teacher