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More Than 500 Online Resources for Creating Content

Save Hours Trying to Find Educational Material for the Classroom

Resource Language: English | French

World Geography Games

Get to know European geography like the back of your hand, thanks to these online games.

Le Blob - The Extra-Media

Understand scientific news and major contemporary issues thanks to these enlightened videos that will captivate your students.

Smithsonian Ocean Portal

Created by the National Museum of Natural History, the Ocean Portal has a variety of lesson plans about microbes, climate, hurricanes, corals, and more.

Victor Hugo & Notre-Dame de Paris

This documentary file draws a parallel between France's acclaimed cathedral & Hugo's literary work through historical & cultural references (in French).

Juno Beach Center

Contextualize World War II from a Canadian perspective as you browse through this rich bank of resources by Canada's Second World War museum.

Quelle Histoire - TV5 Monde

Discover famous historical and mythical characters through these short and fun animated videos (in French), featuring MLK, Louis Pasteur, and more!

The News in Slow French Podcast

We absolutely loved discovering this resource! Learn about current events, science, and culture, while improving your French pronunciation.

Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile

Learn about the history, symbolism, and architecture behind the mythical Paris monument with this resource (in French) by the Centre des Monuments Nationaux.

Online Treks with Google Maps

Put your virtual walking shoes on, you're headed for a trek in Nepal, to the Pyramids of Giza, up El Capitan in Yosemite, and to the Everest base camp!

Art Public Montreal

Follow the trail of your liking, like the Plateau, Mont-Royal, or even Little Italy, to discover the artists and stories behind Montreal's famous street art scene.

Quipoquiz - Paris

Challenge your knowledge on the City of Lights with this fun quiz, unless you'd rather try another theme, there are dozens of quizzes available!  

Lyrics Training

This app blends music & language to help you practice new words. We chose Famille by Jean-Jacques Goldman but lots more tunes are available. 

Gettysburg National Military Park

Get a comprehensive and step by step virtual tour of the Gettysburg National Park with a park ranger. 

3 Events That Brought French to New England

There are nearly 12 million Franco-Americans in the U.S. and almost 10% of them speak French at home.

Curriculum Resources by the MET

Prepare for a visit or visit at a distance with these resources that will have you diving into the impressive collections of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.

New York MET Lesson Plans

The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers lesson plans for elementary, middle and high school students to integrate art into your school program. 


Top Ten Graffiti Spots in New York

You'll want to bookmark this resource for your next trip to The Big Apple to make sure not to miss out on some fantastic  must-see street art through the city.

Tour the Palace of Versailles 

Immerse yourself into the lives of French nobility as you tour the Château de Versailles (in French) and learn about the people who lived in it.

The Orsay Museum - Orsay in Motion

Practice your French with this video series by the Parisian museum addressing the 20 artistic movements from 1848 to 1914 that are found in their collection.

Le Point du FLE & French Cuisine

Browse through this incredible collection of resources (in French), including lesson plans and activities inspired by French gastronomy. 

The Museum of Civilization on the Quiet Revolution

Explore this fundamental period of Quebec history with an incredibly detailed online exhibition.

Classroom Activities by New York's MoMath

America’s only Museum of Mathematics has over a dozen brain teasers and puzzles to try out with your students.

Musée National des Beaux Arts du Québec

Learn about Quebec history through its local artists and artworks in these online exhibits by the MNBAQ (in French).

TV5 Monde - 8 Canadian Legends

Hear the stories (in French) that have been passed on from generation to generation, now an integral part of Quebecois and Canadian culture.

Tour the National Gallery, London 

Discover the paintings of one of Europe's most beautiful museums through three virtual tours of the Gallery's collection of masterpieces.

30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Through videos and pop culture, these classroom topics will have your students traveling back to November 9, 1989.

Smithsonian's National Museum of American History

This History Explorer offers a variety of lesson plans, activities and videos with cross-curricular links for all grades.

Edsitement - It Came From Greek Mythology

Prepare for your next trip to Greece with this lesson plan that compares Greek mythology to civilization today.

Centre d'Histoire de Montréal

Use these fascinating virtual exhibitions to discover the events and trends of Ville-Marie's past that helped shaped it into the city that we know today.

World Population Review of NYC

Statistics enthusiasts, look no further! Find all of the numbers you need on New York's population, languages spoken, education, age, place of birth, and more.

LISA Project NYC

See the murals that have brought new life to the boroughs of New York with this project that raises awareness for community issues through street art.

Reina Sofia Museum - Rethinking Guernica

Discover the story behind one of Pablo Picasso's best known works and analyze its every detail with a gigapixel viewer.

50 Essential Books About NYC

Books can tell a lot about the past, present & future of a city like New York. Here's the ultimate list of books about the Big Apple for all types of readers!

Montreal's Space For Life

The Biodome, Planetarium, Botanical Garden and Insectarium teamed up and prepared fun hands-on workshops related to life on Earth and beyond.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

From Viola Desmond to women voting, find resources dedicated to the evolution & understanding of human rights.

The International Spy Museum

International relations, counterterrorism, and more, in these lesson plans, resources, and activities prepared by one of Washington's coolest museums. 

United States Capitol

Browse through a variety of lesson plans and primary source documents, tested by teachers and made available by Washington's Capitol Visitor Center.

PBS - Ken Burns in the Classroom 

Introduce new perspectives to your history class with these media resources by legendary filmmaker Ken Burns. Keep browsing, there's tons to discover here!

United Nations Organization

Visit the United Nations Headquarters in New York from the comfort of your classroom to learn about the history and essential role of this organization.

Association Canadienne d'Éducation de Langue Française

Browse through the ACELF's impressive bank of educational activities for all subjects and levels (in French).

The Lion King - Study Guide

Use these classroom activities before and after seeing The Lion King musical to have your students embrace their Broadway experience to the fullest.

The Catacombs of Paris

A highlight for many people visiting France, the Catacombs are mysterious & thrilling. Discover the story behind the underground ossuaries, here (in French).

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Take a dive into the themes of immigration, media, and propaganda to better understand the tragic but important story behind the Holocaust.

National Air & Space Museum

One of D.C.'s most popular Smithsonian has fantastic resources for all themes and grades, plus a great STEM-themed lecture archive to browse through.

Pointe-à-Callière Museum 

Kondiaronk, Jeanne Mance, and Maisonneuve are just some of the important characters in Montreal history. Learn about the others, here.

Arlington National Cemetery Education Program

Find resources on the Spanish-American War, African American Military Heroes, the 369th Infantry Regiment and more.

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Browse through the world map for incredible music-related resources to help support cultural diversity and understanding among peoples.

Curbed NY - Best New Public Art Installations

Shape your next Big Apple itinerary to spot the recent artworks that have been added to the New York City landscape. 

National Museum of Natural History - Human Evolution

Deepen your knowledge about where humans came from with these resources on early human evolution and culture.

Société Des Musées Du Québec

You're only one click away from visiting Quebec's most iconic and captivating museums. Select your favorites and take a virtual tour from your classroom.

Ontario Science Center

STEM pit-stop for tons of science experiments and short educational videos going from ocean acidification to DNA extraction. 

Tour the Montmartre Sacré-Coeur Basilica

Visit the Sacré-Coeur Basilica as if you were in Paris and learn about its history and architecture at your own pace.

Société Radio-Canada

Canada's first French broadcaster, the counterpart of CBC, had a huge impact on building Quebec identity & culture. Learn more about it (in French), here.

French-Canadian Theater

Visit the various forms of theater that were practiced in Quebec and other francophone regions of Canada from 1604 to 2010, in this resource (in French).

French-Canada Pop Songs

Discover 540 francophone songs, from the years 1900 to 2009, presented in their historical, cultural & technological contexts (in French).

Expo 67 - The Montreal World Fair

Look back at the event that attracted over 50 million visitors to Montreal and still resonates through its people & landscapes today.

Ted-Ed's Lessons Worth Sharing

Uncover the answers to all of the questions you've ever, or never, asked yourselves regarding various subjects (videos in French & in English). 

Government of Canada - General Knowledge Quiz

Review your Canadian chops with a quiz on geography, culture, literature, or holidays in Canada (in English & French).

Youvisit.com - NYC Landmarks

Enjoy these short tours of Grand Central, the Brooklyn Bridge, Madison Square Garden, and more, to get your students excited for their next trip to New York.

Plein de Ressources

Discover "a bunch of resources" on Quebec geography and the tools used in the study of the province's vast territory (in French).

NYPL's Book List on Immigration

Here's a list of book suggestions by the New York Public Library for you to bring U.S. ethnic diversity and immigrant history to the classroom.

The World in Images

Complete your classroom material with these copyright-free images that go from Argentina to art déco, to Chicago, Bonhomme Carnaval, and more!

Van Gogh Museum - Collection

Browse through this impressive online collection of 4200 art works by Van Gogh. Discover the Dutch artist's most famous and less known works.

Journey Through New Amsterdam

Have your students bridge the path between New Amsterdam and the New York of today with this lesson plan by the New York Public Library.

Montreal Symphony Orchestra 

Canada's prized symphony orchestra has a beautiful selection of online classical concerts. Get a taste of Stravinsky, Mahler and everything in between.

El Museo Del Barrio, New York

Find Hispanic culture activities & content for discussion, plus virtual tours of the exhibitions & archives covering 50 years of history are also available.

Easy French - Dialogue Practice

Practice your French for various life situations, like travelling abroad, eating out, and shopping with these lesson plans (in French).

Experiencing Mathematics 

Add some dimension to mathematical theories with these interactive workshops on predicting, optimizing, proving, concluding and more!

The Ursuline Monastery of Quebec City

Explore 400 years of history with this virtual tour of the monastery famously founded by Marie of the Incarnation. 

JFK Presidential Library & Museum

Understand the U.S. and the world at the time of the Kennedys with these lesson plans by one of our favorite Boston attractions.

Best Cheap Eats in New York City

Students want to save their money for shopping while in NYC. Consult this interactive map to note down where to go to eat well and keep within budget!

New York Architecture

Most of NYC's charm comes from its architectural diversity. Discover New York's famous monuments, skyscrapers, bridges, and more, here. 

Homes of Iconic French Writers

See the inspiration behind the stories of Edmond Rostand, Émile Zola and Victor Hugo as you discover their homes in France (in French).

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Access the infinite resources of the EducArt hub. With themes like cultural diversity to resiliency, it's a great find for art teachers.

Time Out - The Best 100 French Movies of All Time

Expand your knowledge of French cinema or choose a movie for your next French class with this top 100 list.

Wapikoni - Indigenous Voices

Discover short documentaries, music and workshops created by young and talented First Nations from Canada and other part of the world.

Blackpast.org - Activity on Civil Rights Speeches

Compare 3 speeches of the 1960's civil rights movements & 1 contemporary speech to explore the use of rhetoric.

New England Aquarium

One of our favorite Boston attractions has great classroom material on marine life for K-12 groups, plus aquarium guides for you to prepare for a visit.

NatGeo MapMaker Interactive

On National Geographic's cool customizable map, you can create labels, write text, add data, and get overviews & facts on pretty much any city or country.

The Dalí Museum

The digital Dali experience is sure to inspire you, with its lesson plans, activities, and videos on the Surrealist movement. Let your creative juices flow!

The Smithsonian Learning Lab

Head to the National Resources section for hundreds of lesson plans chosen by Smithsonian educators for teachers who are doing distance learning.

Youvisit.com - Virtual Tour of Paris

Learn about the Louvre, Versailles, and the Eiffel Tower on your virtual commented tour of the City of Lights' most famous landmarks.

Digital Public Library of America

Find incredible exhibitions on important U.S. events from museums, archives, and libraries, that have been digitized for educational use.

Tout à Coup la Poésie

Dive into contemporary Quebec poetry with 32 artists who present their work in written or video, plus you'll find some related lesson plans too (in French). 

World Digital Library

Browse through thousands of cultural primary sources from Imperial Russia, to WWI and more, made available online by the Library of Congress and UNESCO. 

Ingenium - Women in STEM

Explore diversity, equity and inclusivity in STEM with your students with these thoughtful lesson plans by Ingenium Canada. 

Architectural Digest - The 30 Best NYC Landmarks to Visit

Everything is in the title! Browse through this catalogue of must-see sites for your next trip to the Big Apple. 

Central Park Conservancy

Visit New York's beloved park through videos made by the incredible staff at the Conservancy, committed to keeping the park clean & accessible for all.

Hydro Quebec

Learn about hydroelectricity (energy from water!) with these resources for all ages made available by this North-American leader in renewable energy.

EDpuzzle - Video Maker

Create interactive videos for your classroom with this easy-to-use tool that will have your students engaging with your lessons at their own pace.

TED-Ed's Earth School 

Take part in one or all of the 30 quests offered by the Earth School to help your students better understand and celebrate our natural world. 

National Geographic Lesson Plans

Try these grade 9-12 lesson plans to teach your students about marine ecology's origin and evolution and its conservation for the future.

Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Explore the Intrepid and the Space Shuttle Pavilion, and browse through the museum's expositions with this partnership with Google Arts & Culture.

Technology & Control in Ancient Rome 

Try this activity by the National Geographic on the role of technology in the growing of the Roman Empire. 

Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin

Explore the fascinating collections of Germany's Alte Nationalgalerie online exhibitions to discover its most coveted masterpieces.

National Arts Center, Ottawa

Foster musical engagement & provide fantastic learning opportunities for special needs students with this guidebook and videos for educators.

Google Treks - Discover Venice

Discover Venice as if you were really in Italy with this amazing Trek by Google that brings you straight to the streets and canals of The Floating City. Andiamo!

The Canadian Encyclopedia

Here's your one-stop shop for education guides, interactive resources and quizzes on all things Canada, thanks to the Canadian Encyclopedia.

The Louvre Museum - Online Tours

Prepare for your trip to Paris and that time at the Louvre with these virtual tours that give an overview of the artwork you should expect to see.

American Library Association

Admire the architecture of the world's most beautiful libraries on these virtual tours of the Library of Congress, Oxford's Bodleian Library, and more.

Harvard University Tour

Explore Harvard from home and discover the spaces that aren't normally accessible during in-person campus visits such as classrooms & laboratories.

Ver-Taal - Listening Exercises

Watch these French television reports and answer topic-related questions to test your students listening and comprehensive skills (in French).

DocsTeach by The National Archives

Find visual and documentary support for your U.S. history lessons in this incredible bank of teaching resources.

OER Commons - Elections & Voting

Fly to Washington and educate future voters on the issues, processes and impacts of voting with lesson plans and interactive activities for the classroom.

New York Historical Society

Discover the dynamic programs and curriculum resources on New York City, NY State and the U.S., made available online by the museum & library.

University of Colorado - PhET Interactive Simulations

Try these free science & math simulations for all levels that'll put your STEM students to the test.

Project Gutenburg - Free EBooks

Looking for a book to study in class? Browse through hundreds of books and authors to find your perfect fit and download it for free, voilà!

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Spend 3 minutes per artwork with these short videoclips commented by the volunteer guides at Montreal's leading museum in fine arts.

Hubert Reeves - L'Univers Expliqué à Mes Petits-Enfants

Take a trip to the Milky Way with this podcast written & read (in French) by Montreal astrophysicist, Hubert Reeves.

Brains On - Science Podcast for Kids & Curious Adults

Listen to this delightful podcast from American Public Media to get the answers to all of your science questions!

RÉCIT Univers Social

Discover these classroom resources by Quebec's Ministry of Education (in French). The secondary 3 history capsules tie in nicely with our itineraries.

Les Odyssées - Lascaux Caves

Learn about the discovery of the Paleolithic cave in southwest France & listen to other interesting podcasts on historical events (in French).

Museo Nacional de Costa Rica

Take a virtual tour of the current exhibits of the San José museum and deepen your knowledge on Costa Rica history, while practicing your Spanish.

C'est Pas Sorcier - D-Day

Follow Jamie & Fred for a walking tour on Omaha and Juno Beach to teach you everything about this crucial day in world history (in French). 

NYPL - 2020 Middle Grade Reads

The librarians of the New York Public Library have offered great suggestions for middle level books for the class. Go through the list to find some inspiration!

Headout - Virtual Tours of Spain

Get ready for an amazing virtual tour of Spain's most important cities, from the sun-bathed streets of Seville to the vibrant Ramblas in Barcelona.

France Podcasts - Comprehensive Listening

Practice understanding French with these podcasts extracted from the news, offered with a complimentary quiz.

The Bronx Zoo - Digital Resources

Videos, webinars, at-home science activities, there's a bunch to choose from here on animals, global conservation and more!

USS Constitution Museum

Have fun participating in hands-on activities, scavenger hunts and other games to discover more about the USS Constitution and the life of its sailors!

Canal Académie - French Podcasts (Advanced Level)

Choose amongst the various subject from History to the Arts and more, for great advanced level podcasts to practice your students' listening skills.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Introduce your students to the incredible and ever-so-changing world of arts with these lesson plans that are sure to bring out your students' creativity!

Montreal Holocaust Museum

Help your students learn about this tragic event in world history through interactive resources, going from letters to survivor testimonies and more. 

Penn State Public Broadcasting - The Cryptography Files 

Can you crack the code? Use this lesson plan to teach your students about the evaluation of algebraic expressions. 

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Enjoy contemporary art, music collections, gardens and much more at Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. 

iCivics - Online Games 

Defy your students on their civics and social studies knowledge with these online games by iCivics. 

NASA eClips 

Bring STEM into the classroom with this catalogue of videos that will help answer your students' multiple questions about the universe. 

Penn State Public Broadcasting - What are the Chances? 

Discover this mathematics lesson plan about probabilities, offered by Penn State Public Broadcasting. 

Savoir.Média - À la Découverte du Québec

Learn about Québec, from its architecture then & now, to the characters who have marked its history (in French).

Ford's Theatre National Historic Site

Enjoy a virtual tour of the Washington D.C. highlight to learn more about the site of Lincoln's assassination.

Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec 

Here's an incredible collection of primary source documents to complete your lesson plans on Quebec (in French).

TV5 Monde - Apprendre le Français

Have a look at these interactive resources, sorted by teaching level, and offering various themes that will make learning French fun!

Visit London - Virtual tour

Hello, London! Embark on an amazing virtual journey towards the British capital main landmarks and catch a glimpse of your next class trip there! 

EU Teacher Academy - Addressing the Global Climate Crisis

Browse through this selection of lesson plans and projects to help sensitize your students to the climate crisis. 

EUROPA - Learning Corner

Preparing a lesson on the European Union? Find games, competitions and activity books to help you discover the EU, in the classroom or at home.

Artura.org - Teaching Through Art

Browse through these lesson plans based on art pieces that will help your students see beyond images. 

The British Museum 

Explore the famous museum collections with this interactive and original tool that will teach you about the most impressive pieces. 

NASA - Solar System exploration

Learn about the planets, the moon, the comets and much more with this solar system exploration offered by the NASA. 

Google Arts & Culture - US National Parks

Be mesmerized by the hidden beauties of USA's National Parks such as Bryce Canyon or Kenai Fjords. 

Khan Academy - High School Physics

Help your students with their physics program with these interactive STEM resources.

CK-12 - Physics & Chemistry Simulations

These animated physics and chemistry simulations offered by CK-12 are a great addition to your STEM class.

Mount Vernon Estate - Virtual Tour

Take on a trip to explore Mount Vernon Estate Mansion from your classroom and walk in the steps of George Washington. 

Yosemite National Park - Virtual Tour

Bring your students on a virtual field trip to explore the many sites of Yosemite National Park. 

Khan Academy - High School Biology

Help your students with their biology program with these interactive STEM resources.

The Globe Theatre - London 

Step in the shoes of William Shakespeare and enjoy a virtual tour of the Globe Theatre (online or via an application). 

The Kennedy Center - African-American History

Explore the links between art, history and culture with this catalogue of resources including media, lesson plans and more. 

Zinn Education Project - History

Filter through themes, time periods and grade levels to find some great resources that are both engaging and empowering.

NOAA Coastal Management - Estuary Education

Bring STEM to your classroom with these lesson plans on estuary and ocean preservation, offered by the NOAA. 

Mathematics 7th Grade - The Big Sale Lesson Plan

This interactive activity challenges learners to solve unit rate problems in real world situations.


Organize discussions and debates, and teach critical thinking in your classroom, with this easy tool (requires registration but free for educators). 

Story Maps Gallery

Browse through a list of subjects relating to history, culture, arts and geography, to learn all about the past and present.

High School Mathematics & Algebra - What are the Odds?

Practice calculating probability and odds, and converting probability to odds (and vice versa!). 

Mathematics 8th Grade - The Function Machine

Explore and identify the patterns of mathematical functions with input-output tables.

Encounter Edu - Bring the Ocean to the Classroom 

Take a deep dive into the ocean with these fascinating resources about Coral Ocean, Submarine STEM and more. 

Art Gallery of Ontario

Help your students develop their observation, critical thinking and creativity with these lesson plans offered by the Art Gallery of Ontario. 

Canadian Geographic - Indigenous Peoples Atlas

Browse through these fascinating books about the history and current affairs of indigenous peoples.


Browse through more than 7,000 videos on arithmetic, biology, economics, STEM and so much more! 

The Franklin Institute

Help your students stay connected with science with the Franklin Institute's collection of digital resources including hands-on activities and videos.

Museum of the American Revolution

Dive into the history of the American Revolution with these digital resources, including videos & interactive activities.

3M - Science at Home

Using common households items, learn scientific principles with these simple experiments.  A great addition to your STEM class.

What Does Sustainability Mean for the Art World?

Learn about creative initiatives in the art world to implement sustainable development techniques.

Georgia Aquarium

Thanks to their live webcam feeds, spend some time with the animals of the Georgia Aquarium and learn more about their natural habitats.


Make geometry, algebra, and calculus come to life with this dynamic software that allows you to play with points, segments, vectors and more.

PBS Education - Teachers Lounge

Where teachers help teachers with educational resources.  This regularly updated blog is full trending subjects relating to culture, history, and more.

IXL Learning

Help your students with their English and Mathematics with this resource that combines quizzes and explanations. 

ACELF - Bank of educational activities in French

Find nearly 500 original educational activities about identity building to try out with your students (in French).

The J. Paul Getty Museum

Dive into the world of art with this resource bank from the J. Paul Getty Museum, that offers lesson plans and workshops by the dozens. 


Be amazed by this infinite bank of resources for art history. Browse through dozens of masterpieces deciphered in fascinating videos. 

Parent & Family Digital Learning Guide

Guidance for parents and educators with encouraging online learning and monitoring progress.

Discover the Lascaux Cave

Learn about the Lascaux Cave through a virtual tour, quizzes and a descriptive historical timeline, made available online by the government of France. 

British Pathé - Archives

Browse through 80 years of British film history and more than 90,000 historical film clips.  There's even a ''Canada'' collection, go check it out! 

Canadian Red Cross

Raise your students awareness of international humanitarian law and open the discussion about important issues such as refugees and child soldiers.

Parliament of Canada - Democracy in the Classroom

Simulate a parliamentary committee meeting on limiting the use of social media to learn about Canadian politics.

American Archive of Public Broadcasting

Find great material from public media, with interviews, court hearings, and historic events recorded on tv & radio.

ACS - Chemistry for Life 

Find tons of chemistry-related questions explained; acids & bases, atomic structure, gases, organic chemistry and more for your STEM groups.

American Panorama - An Atlas of U.S. History

Use these interactive maps to help illustrate the evolution of various themes and events in American history. 

OER Project - World History

Have your students practice their critical thinking, reading and writing with this bank of world history resources for the classroom (requires registration).   

BiteScis - Science Lesson Plans

Try these creative classroom-tested, scientist-approved lesson plans that are tied to curriculum standards. Cosmic explosions, net force & more!

The Crash Course

Biology, business, astronomy, theater, you name it! Choose a course theme for short interactive videos on hundreds of  school subjects. 

Wow in the World - Take Home Wowsheet

Discover the coolest new stories in science, technology & innovation with this variety of podcasts & activities for Middle School students. 

MIT Blossoms - Video Library

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology created fantastic math and science video lessons to use with your High school students. 

A+ Click Math Problems

Help develop your students' problem-solving skills & draw inspiration for your next lesson plan with these online mathematics quizzes for K-12 groups.

5 Useful Educational Resources About Franco-America

Jumpstreet crafted this blog post to help recall the story of how French language & culture planted its seed in New England. 

5 Useful Classroom Resources for Thanksgiving

Discover why and how Thanksgiving became such an important celebration in the USA, in this Jumpstreet blog post.

5 Lesson Plans Inspired by the Holidays 

Here are our suggestions for lesson plans on cultural celebrations around the world to get you into the Holiday spirit!

How to Pack for Winter Student Tours

Packing for a winter tour in Quebec leaves no space for improvisation, follow our tips to get ready for your trip.

3 STEM Activities to Mark 100 Years of Radio Broadcasting

Walk in the steps of Marconi and travel back to 1919 with the activities suggested in this Jumpstreet blog post.

Use Geography to Make the Most of Your Thanksgiving Meal

Read this Jumpstreet blog post on U.S. geography & regional recommendations to help inspire your Thanksgiving menu!

Thanksgiving Dinner, Inspired by Canadian Geography

Check out this Jumpstreet blog post to get inspired for your next Thanksgiving meal through Canadian geography.

3 Eccentric Easter Traditions Across Europe

Jumpstreet reveals 3 locations in Europe where Easter is celebrated a bit differently than in North America.

3 Things About Québec's Montmorency Falls

Read this Jumpstreet blog post to learn more about this historic stop that's on all our Quebec City itineraries!

5 Things You Should Do on a College Tour

We've got your back on preparing for your future! Follow our tips and get the best out of your college tour. 

World 101 -  US Council on Foreign Relations 

Lesson plans, essays & discussions on our relations with countries to help understand our connected world.

Wonderopolis - Answering Your Wonders

Who was Mother Teresa? Who invented Laser Tag? Get the answers to all your questions & test your knowledge after!

The Kid Should See This - Smart Videos

Find some smart videos for curious minds of all ages on science, history, arts & technology for extra class material.

Canadian Wildlife Federation

From protecting Canada's bears in the North, to understanding how oceans depend on humans, here are great activity ideas on our ecosystems.

Discover How Canadians Govern Themselves

Learn about Canada's two-chamber system of government with timelines & games by the Parliament of Canada.

Let's Talk Science

Find STEM lesson plans, learning strategies, hands-on activities, video channels, picture collections, and more for your K-12 groups.

Ocean Wise Education

Learn about the relationship between civilizations and our oceans and how to be more environmentally conscious with these fantastic resources.

History View - Virtual Tours

Visit the Roman Colosseum, the Lincoln Memorial, the Amazon Rainforest, the Titanic, and plenty of other historic world landmarks.

Fais Ta Valise - L'Art Urbain à Montréal

Follow these Montreal metro stations to make the most out of your next mural walk through the city (in French). 

Geographica - Mapping Indigenous Languages in Canada 

Did you know there were 60 Indigenous languages in Canada? Discover where they are spoken here! 

Essential Costa Rica

Catch a glimpse of what's to be expected on a trip to Central America and explore all that stunning adventures Costa Rica has to offer, volcanoes, surf & more.

London Natural History Museum

Find activities, films and downloadable lesson plans on our natural world, made available by the British museum, to help support distance learning.

Vox.com - 40 Maps that Explains World War I

Understand the events and important dates of World War I with these instructional maps. 

The Ellis Island Foundation

Head back to 19th c. New York City in this overview of the most important gateway into America, with over 12 million immigrants transiting through.

NEMO Museum of Amsterdam

Explore the world around you by testing your knowledge with quizzes and experiments.  A great addition to your STEM class!

Latino Heritage in Chicago's Neighborhoods

Discover Chicago's various neighborhoods and explore the city's Latino heritage: culture, art and more!

The Canadian Encyclopedia - Latin American Canadians

Learn more about the Latin American Canadians: What their origins are and what their lives look like here in Canada. 

Anne Frank House

Learn more about the history of Anne Frank and the Second World War with these resources from Amsterdam's Anne Frank Museum.

Nobel Prize

Be inspired by human rights, science and sustainability as you complete these lesson packages from the Nobel Prize

The National Museum of Mexican Art

Browse through tons of resources for K-12 educators looking to incorporate Mexican arts and culture to their lesson plans.

SEPAQ - Parc de la Chute-Montmorency

Montmorency Falls is a must-see during your visit to Quebec city. Get a glimpse of them with these virtual tours!

A Virtual Stroll in Quebec City

Travel through the streets of the Old Quebec from the Dufferin Terrace to Quartier Petit Champlain with this virtual tour. 

Instituto Cervantes

Improve your Spanish with these interactive educational activities (in Spanish only).

Encyclopedia Britannica

Take a deep dive into European geography with Encyclopedia Britannica.  You'll find everything you need to build content in your classroom.

Guide to World Music

Immerse yourself in the musical traditions that bring the world together and learn more about your favorites music genres. 

The National Battlefields Commission

Learn more on the battle of the Plains of Abraham and on the battle of Ste-Foy, two historic battles of Quebec.

Languages Online 

Help your students practice their French, German, Spanish, Italian and even Latin with these interactive exercises. 

Science Museum - London

Browse through a collection of classroom resources based on objects from the museum's collections.  A great addition to your STEM class!

The Point: A Franco-American Heritage Site - Salem, MA

Get to know the history of the French-Canadians who immigrated to Salem in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Lyrics Gaps 

Learning languages through music, is there a better way? Improve your English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and even Japanese! 

Biodôme de Montréal

Get to know the different plants and species that you can find at Montreal's Biodôme.

French Language in Louisiana: From Repression to Preservation

This article gathers historic facts, photos and videos about the French speaking communities in Louisiana.

You Visit - Machu Picchu 

Transport yourself to Peru thanks to this virtual tour of the ancient Inca city, Machu Picchu.  A must-see jewel of the world!

Pew Research Center - Keys Facts about U.S. Latinos

Discover 11 facts about the Latino population in the United States, by age, geography and origin.


Train your brain on European geography with these online quizzes: capitals, flags, monarchies, volcanoes and more!

Stereotypes vs. Statistics

With this lesson plan, students evaluate stereotypes about Latino Americans and how they have come the the United States. 


Google Arts & Culture - Museum of Contemporary Art Bogota

Take a trip to this amazing art museum and admire Colombian masterpieces as if you were there. 


From beginners to advanced students,  StudySpanish.com offers you various lesson plans for learning Spanish grammar, vocabulary, verbs and more. 

Parliament: The Virtual Experience

Sit, watch and listen. Divided in 5 chapters, this interactive visit will take your students on a complete journey into the Canadian Parliament.

How Many People Speak Spanish and, Where is it Spoken

Babbel Magazine presents the history of Spanish language and explains where we can find it in the world. 

The Best Animal Rescue Centers & Sanctuaries in Costa Rica

Get some inspiration for your next trip and discover the places that aim to protect wildlife in Costa Rica. 

The British Library - Shakespeare's London

Dive into this article that explains how London and the Elizabethan era was depicted in Shakespeare's work. 

France Info Junior

Use these podcasts to help your students practice their French, all while learning more about current events and culture. 

History of Alexandria's African American Community

This article recounts the history of slavery, early free black neighborhoods and more of Alexandria's city. 

An Introduction to Spanish Literature in 10 Writers

Introduce your students to Spanish literature and its famous authors like Frederico García Lorca!

Costa Rican Slang: 30 Words to Talk Like a Real Tico

Use this blog article to learn to talk like a local during your next trip to Costa Rica. Pura Vida is on the way! 

Sparknotes - No Fear Shakespeare

Help your students get the best of the Bard's work with this tool offering side-by-side translations in modern English of his most famous plays. 

University of Toronto - Representative Poetry Online

Browse through an abundance of poems in English and French, spanning 1400 years! 

Elements of Poetry

What is a poem? This interactive lesson lets you explore how a poet creates a theme and will teach you about the literary techniques that are used. 

Analyzing a Theme

By analyzing the works of Langston Hughes and Lorraine Hansberry, learn how literary elements contribute to a theme or a text.

Radio-Canada - Audiobooks

Share great literature with your students with this extensive catalog of audiobooks, offered by Radio-Canada (resource in French only).

Quebec City's Hotel de Glace - Virtual Tour

If you come to Quebec City in winter time, its famous Ice Hotel is a must-see! Get a sneak peak with this virtual tour.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York City

"Virtual views" presents the online exhibition about surrealist women around the globe.

Visit.the.USA - The Bronx, NYC

Get to know The Bronx's link to hip hop culture, the things to see & what songs to listen to get excited for your trip to New York.

ADL - 8 Ideas for Teaching National Hispanic Heritage Month

Engage in year-round dialogues on Hispanic heritage with your students with these lesson plan & resources. 

Accent On Heritage - Alberta's Francophone Origins

Learn about Alberta's Francophone heritage with this history timeline or head to their teacher zone to find more.

The New England Franco-Route

Follow this North-Eastern U.S. route to witness the rich cultural French heritage that's present in Maine, Rhode Island, and other states along the way.

Discover Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It's the birthplace of U.S. democracy & of the legendary cheesesteak. Get excited for your trip to the city of Brotherly Love!

Dictionary of Canadian Biography

Find thousands of biographies in this online library, edited by Laval & Toronto universities, and check out the Educator section "Exploring the Explorers".

Spain's Fiestas & Traditions, a Cultural Heritage

Take a journey through the traditions that are part of the culture of Spain, such as Flamenco and human towers!

The Canadian Encyclopedia - Cuban Music in Canada

Learn more about how Cuban music came to Canada and its influence on Canadian music.


Basilica de la Sagrada Familia - Visita Virtual

Take a virtual tour of one of Spain's most famous religious monuments & masterpieces, by artist Antoni Gaudi. 

The Vatican Museums

Bring the Sistine Chapel to your classroom with these 360° images of the halls of the Vatican Museums, where religion and art unite.

La Piscine Museum, Roubaix

Dive into the world of art & industry as you visit the collections and hop on a virtual tour of this French museum, located in a former swimming pool.

Fondation Claude Monet - Giverny

Discover the life & work of famous artist Claude Monet in his home of Giverny, on a virtual tour where you can see where he drew inspiration from. 

You Visit - Shanghai

Take a virtual tour of Shanghai to see its most famous landmarks, such as the Forbidden City, the Jing'an Temple, and views from the great Wall of China.

Teatro Museum Dalí - Figueres

Explore the strange and fascinating world of artist Salvador Dali with this virtual tour of the theatre-museum located in Spain. 

Theatro Museo Dalí de Figueres - Visita Virtual

Explore the strange and fascinating world of artist Salvador Dali with this virtual tour of the theatre-museum located in Spain (in Spanish).

Télé Québec - Kebec Show

Bring these to the classroom! Your students will devour these short capsules (in French) on Quebec history and culture.

EdSitement - Animals of the Chinese Zodiac

Teach your students about the Chinese calendar and Chinese astrology with the help of this fun lesson plan. 

Mural Arts Philadelphia

Here are tools for learning art at home: documents, videos, wallpapers & posters to download, coloring pages, books, soundtracks, and more.

Theo's Choice - Documentary

Devour this fascinating documentary on the resurgence of French in Louisiana, directed by two teachers.

BBC Travel - Untold America

Discover these fascinating articles about unknown parts of the United-States and off-the-beaten track cultural treasures of the country. 

The Washington Post - Science Travel in the US

Explore these sites grounded in science with these immersive travels offered by the Washington Post. 

Interactive French, The University of Texas at Austin

All you need - 1st year of French: videos, audio, grammar with self-correcting exercises, verbs, Etc.

Brooklyn Museum

Take a virtual tour of the galleries and check out the educational resources and online programs for families, teens, adults and K-12.


Since 1996, Alloprof has supported teachers and students with free multimedia educational resources for all ages and subjects. 

National Film Board of Canada

Here is one of our favorite websites to find engaging French short films that will have your students interacting with and interpreting French-Canadian content. 

Canadian Museum of Nature

Students of all ages will enjoy learning about biodiversity with the help of these short educational videos by the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa.

The British Council

To be or not to be? Dive into Shakespeare's famous masterpieces with these fun and captivating activities. 

Washington State Historical Society

Take a look at this resource that will help you teach your students about Washington State's fascinating history. 

Britannica.com - US Presidents Facts

Get inspired to create your own quiz about Washington's oval office former tenants, with this complete quiz.

History.com - The Pentagon

Fly to Washington DC and learn everything about the Pentagon's history, creation and role, through this article and videos. 

9/11 Memorial & Museum - Education Materials

Filter by grade level and theme to find interactive lesson plans on the World Trade Center, the 9/11 attacks and their repercussions for students in grades 3 to 12. 

HistoryLink.org - Women Suffrage in Washington State

This complete lesson plan will help teach your class about women's suffrage in Washington State.

Britannica.com - The American Civil War

Challenge your students' knowledge on this crucial period of US history with an enthralling quiz! 

Britannica.com - France

Planning a trip to France? Combine fun and knowledge to test your students' memory about the country's history with this online quiz.

The National WWI Museum and Memorial

Explore these lesson plans and other educational resources about World War One offered by the Kansas City museum. 

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Explore the fascinating collection of the museum's masterpieces through workshops and videos (in English and Spanish). 

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

Educate your students about the Civil Rights Movement with these educational resources made up of lesson plans and articles. 

Suibhne - The Animated History of Croatia

Get your students to learn the history of Croatia with this fun and educative video. Other countries are also available.

The Museum of Design - London 

Stimulate your students' creativity with these awesome lesson plans and workshops that may initiate some vocations! 

BBC Radio 4 - Cultural Podcasts

Immerse yourself and your students in the British culture with these fascinating podcasts on various themes: literature, arts, history and more! 

Lumen - Interest Group Strategies

If you want to educate your students about lobbying before a trip to Washington, this lesson plan is the perfect resource. 

The Dalí Museum - Florida

Unveil all the mysteries of Salvador Dali's colorful artwork with these educational videos offered by the Dali Museum in Florida. 

Plaisir d'Apprendre - France Quizzes

Test your students' knowledge of their French culture, on themes such as the arts, gastronomy, and many others! 

Bill of Rights Institute - Washington D.C.

Find out all you need to know about how the 13 colonies came together to create the United States of America.

Amnesty.org.uk - Human Rights and Activism

Check out this great resource if you want to make your students think about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

George Washington's Mount Vernon

The historical site offers you fascinating lesson plans diving into American history and the American Revolution. 

Tower of London

Explore the fascinating, thrilling and surprising stories surrounding this mythical and historical site of the British Capital. 


Help your students learn about the history of the extermination camp and the historical context, with these educational resources. 

CIA - Spy Kids 

Stimulate your students' sense of deduction and curiosity with these activities created by the CIA headquarters in Washington. 

The New-York Public Library

Browse through the digital collections of the famous Big Apple library to enhance your lesson plans. 

Museum of London 

Explore this extensive catalogue of online resources about the British Capital, including videos, workshops, articles, virtual tours, and more!

Khaled Bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation

Offer your students a deep dive into ocean study and coral reef preservation with these curriculum resources.

Escape Game - Évasion de la classe virtuelle

Teach your French Intermediate students in a fun way with this online escape game in French! 

Espana Official Tourist Site - Quiz on Spain

Get ready for your next trip to Spain with this fun and instructive quiz on the destination. 

El Museo del Prado - Timeline

Take a look at this amazing tool juxtaposing historical context with the museum's artworks to understand the links between art and history. 

Smithsonian's History Explorer

Travel through time and American history with these thematic files for teachers composed of lesson plans, media, activities and more. 

Seterra - Europe Geography Games

Put on your thinking cap and get ready to challenge your students on their knowledge about Europe.

National Park Services - Washington & Gettysburg

Study this fascinating lesson plan deciphering the actions of the army during the battle.

Teaching tolerance -What Makes Us Who We Are?

Help your students understand human identity and what it consists of with this lesson plan.  

North Carolina Museum of Art 

Combine science and visual arts with this exclusive lesson plan about the Rainforest of Costa Rica, offered by the NCMA. 

Digital Museums Canada - Online Exhibits

Browse through these Canadian projects made available online by Digital Museums Canada to learn about Canadian history and heritage.

NPR - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - I Have a Dream Speech

Listen to and read the famous speech from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and start a conversation about his legacy. 

9 Meaningful Martin Luther King Jr. Activities for the Classroom

WeAreTeachers offer great suggestions for classroom activities on equality, diversity and inclusiveness.

Smithonian Collections - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Browse through these archives for classroom material on social justice, civil rights & inclusiveness.

Our Paris General Knowledge Quiz

Jumpstreet/Éducatours prepared a quiz on the capital of France. Upload it into your Kahoot account or play as you please.

The New York City MET 360° Project

Explore the most famous MET locations as if you were there with these immersive 360° videos that will bring you to the Cloisters, the Great Hall and more! 

Historica Canada - Indigenous Perspective Education Guide

Help your students discover Canada's history from an Indigenous perspective with this amazing resource. 

Gaudi Portal

Dive into the life and work of Antonio Gaudi, to whom we owe Park Guëll, la Sagrada Familia and much more. The site is available in Spanish too! 

Our Quebec & New France Quiz - Part 1

Jumpstreet/Éducatours prepared an informative quiz on the history of Québec. Upload into your Kahoot account or play as you please.

Government of Manitoba - First Peoples & Nouvelle France

Take a look at this amazing lesson plan about the Nouvelle-France specially aimed at grade 11 students. 


Our New York Fun Facts Quiz

Jumpstreet/Éducatours prepared a fun quiz on the Big Apple. Upload into your Kahoot account or play as you please.

Science North - Science at Home

Find here all the resources you need for your science classes from grades 1 to 8: lesson plans, videos, so many resources await you!

Pointe-à-Callière Museum - The Aztecs, People of the Sun

Browse through this fascinating exhibition that immerses you in the lost culture of this indigenous South American people. 

Canadian Museum of History

Travel back to 1867 and take a seat at the table of the Fathers of Confederation with this great lesson plan full of fascinating artifacts. 


Canadian War Museum - 1812 War Virtual Exhibition

Discover the different perspectives of the British, the Americans, the Canadians and the Natives on this war with this amazing virtual exhibition. 

Hudson Bay Company Heritage - Collections

Explore the resources offered by the HBC History Foundation to learn more about the fur trade from to the 17th century to our days. 

Kurpinski's Class - Plants for food & Fibre

Enjoy these visual materials that will help your students understand everything about photosynthesis, osmosis and the life cycle of a plant! 

Library and Archives Canada - Expo 67

Listen to this podcast about the archived documents & legacy of the 1967 Montreal Universal and International Exhibition.

Expo 67: Reinventing Islands

In this video, learn why just a couple of years prior to the Montreal Expo, the islands on which it was hosted didn't even exist (in French, English subtitles).

Canadian Encyclopédia - Expo 67

Get a brief overview of the Montreal Universal Exposition, from how the city of Montreal was chosen to its themes, pavillions, and more!

Louvre Museum - Collections

Browse through the enormous collection of masterpieces of the Louvre Museum on this brand new website dedicated to all the artefacts owned by the museum. 

Smithsonian Magazine - The History of Racism in America

Discover 158 resources to better understand racism in America: articles, videos and more to teach your students about systemic racism and inequality. 

Récit - New France, First Nations & the 13 colonies

Discover the Iroquois and Algonquin nations of the 1500s, the Conquest of 1759-60, Lower Canada of the 1820s and more (in French).

Je Suis Montréal - Untold Stories Montreal

Amazing project aiming to tell the story of the city through its Black, Native and Chinese communities, with a fascinating timeline and artistic projects. 

Nelson Mandela - Education Hub

Get to know Madiba through articles, biography, drawing, Q&As, quizzes from the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Our New York Central Park Conservancy Quiz

Jumpstreet/Éducatours prepared a quiz on New York's most famous park. Upload it into your Kahoot account or play as you please.

Our Montreal Expo 67 Quiz

Jumpstreet/Éducatours prepared a quiz on the event that put Montreal on the world map. Upload it into your Kahoot account or play as you please.

Our National Air & Space Museum Quiz

Jumpstreet/Éducatours prepared a fun quiz on D.C.'s most popular Smithsonian. Upload into your Kahoot account or play as you please.

Our Quiz on the Siege of Quebec & the Battles of 1759-1960

Jumpstreet/Éducatours prepared a fun & engaging quiz on Quebec's rich history. Upload into your Kahoot account or play as you please.

Our Quiz on The Life & Work of Antoni Gaudí

Jumpstreet/Éducatours prepared a fun on one of Spain's most beloved artists. Upload into your Kahoot account or play as you please.

Our Quiz on The Life & Work of Antoni Gaudí in Spanish

Jumpstreet/Éducatours prepared a fun quiz on one of Spain's most beloved artists, Gaudi. Upload into your Kahoot account or play as you please.

Google Arts & Culture - Versailles

Walk in the steps of the Sun King as you're discovering the famous and hidden treasures of the sumptuous palace with this amazing virtual tour. 

Our Quiz on Versailles

Jumpstreet/Éducatours prepared an enriching quiz on this historic monument of France. Upload into your Kahoot account or play as you please.

The French Experiment

Check out this amazing resource for your primary students learning French, with audio fairy tales in French and teaching lessons. 

The Spanish Experiment

If you're teaching Spanish to young beginners, you will adore this resource, with its audio translated Spanish fairy tales and lessons plans. 

Virtual Field Trips - Washington, D.C

Visit the American capital as if you were there with this video covering the city's most famous sites and monuments. 

Histoire Canada - Toot Sweet: When jazz ruled Montreal

Travel back in time and discover the vibrant history of jazz music and culture in Montreal with this fascinating article full of references. 

The Kennedy Center - Hip-Hop: A Culture of Vision and Voice

Dive into hip-hop culture and origins with this comprehensive resource: music, dance, art, all topics are covered. 

History podcasts - National Geographic

Listen to multiple curiosities and secrets from worldwide History (In Spanish).

Virtual Tour of Frida Kahlo House

Be charmed by Frida Kahlo's house & paintings in the heart of Mexico city during this virtual tour.  Lectures and pictures also available for more information.

Our New York Fun Facts Quiz in Spanish

Jumpstreet/Éducatours prepared a fun quiz on the Big Apple. Upload into your Kahoot account or play as you please.

Our Montreal Expo 67 Quiz in Spanish

Jumpstreet/Éducatours prepared a quiz on the event that put Montreal on the world map. Upload it into your Kahoot account or play as you please.

Our Day of the Dead Quiz in Spanish

Jumpstreet/Éducatours prepared a quiz on one of the most famous holiday in Mexico. Upload into your Kahoot account or play as you please.

Our Quiz on the elements of Hip-Hop

Jumpstreet/Éducatours prepared a fun & engaging quiz on Hip-Hop. Upload into your Kahoot account or play as you please.

Our quiz about the Founders of Montreal

Jumpstreet/Éducatours prepared a quiz on the Founders of Montreal inspired by the Pointe-à-Callière Museum. Upload it into your Kahoot account or play as you please.

Our quiz about Jazz Music in Montreal

Jumpstreet/Éducatours prepared a quiz on Jazz music in Montreal inspired by the Canada's History Society. Upload it into your Kahoot account or play as you please.

How to Avoid (Unintentional) Online Racism

Find tips, statistics, and resources on how to help fight racism in this thorough blog post on how to shut down unintentional online racism by Website Planet.