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Ecuador Service-Learning

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Experience local culture while giving back to the community on an immersive service-learning trip to Ecuador. Work with locals on community projects and put your Spanish chops to the test as you travel from the Ecuadorian capital of Quito to the rural farm towns of Ecuador on a student travel experience of a lifetime.

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Sample itinerary for Ecuador Service-Learning trips


  • Catch your flight to Quito, the capital of Ecuador. 
  • Meet with your tour leader at the airport and get a first taste of Quito on the way to your accommodations, where you will settle for the evening and enjoy a good night's rest.  


  • Follow a local guide on your tour of Quito, where you will visit historic sites dating back to Spanish colonization.
  • Continue to El Panecillo for an impressive panoramic view of the city and of the surrounding valleys. Time for a group picture: say cheese!
  • Visit the Independence Plaza, the Palacio de Carondelet, and the San Francisco church, followed by some free time in the area.

DAY 3 TO 4

  • Depart for the rural community of Yunguilla, located just an hour away from Quito.
  • Join forces with the Yunguilla community in developing sustainable alternatives to improve local quality of life. Take part in the multiple ongoing initiatives, including reforestation, organic gardening, jam and cheese-making, artisanal handicraft fabrication, and local tourism.
  • It is a total immersion experience after all! Learn about the routines, values, and traditions of the community while practicing your Spanish like never before!


  • Are you ready? Depart for the province of Chimborazo.
  • Team up with the Sumak Kawsay for another community project. Join one of the numerous initiatives taking place in the community such as the llama, alpaca, and sheep fiber-spinning process.


  • Perched high on Ecuador's highest mountain, engage with locals at Casa Condor, a natural heritage center managed by the Pulingui San Pablo community. Be sure to prepare yourself accordingly, because at an altitude of 3,800 meters, you'll surely need to wear a sweater!
  • Visit the impressive Chimborazo volcano, a sacred place for the Indigenous Ecuadorians and home to a vast array of wildlife.


  • Ever wondered what it's like to make jam from carrots, weave a wool hat, or bake bread the traditional way? Head to the San Francisco de Cunuguachay community to collaborate with the regional cooperative of Quilla Pacari to learn about community life and traditional Andean medicine.


  • Take part in the Balda Lupaxi community project in the morning and head off for the afternoon to visit the Balbanera church and Colta Lake, a long mirror that reflects the white peak of Chimborazo. Enjoy the incredible views of the uniquely shaped lagoon.

  • Head back to Quito for your last evening of the trip. Sleep tight!


  • Fill up on some last-minute souvenirs as visit La Mariscal market for some artisanal crafts and specialties from all over the country!
  • Say goodbye to your tour leader as you catch your flight back home and reminisce about your best travel stories.
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9 to 11 Day trip
May to October
Sustainable Travel

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