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Our Tour Leaders

Youthful. Inspiring. Bilingual. Quite possibly the best in the business.

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Jumpstreet Tours President and Co-founder Mark Clarke got his start in tourism as a Tour Leader, so it comes as no surprise that to this day, Jumpstreet is renowned for its incredible Tour Leader team.

A Jumpstreet Tour Leader is a tour guide, camp counsellor, entertainer, chaperone and role model wrapped into one inspiring young person. For the most part, we recruit our Tour Leaders through both referrals within the business and job postings on university websites, though for some destinations we also use third-party guide companies vetted by our Operations team.

To be selected for an interview, a candidate must have prior experience working with youths (camps, coaching, mentoring, etc.), must be at least 19 years old (though most of our applicants are 22 years old) and must successfully pass a police background check.

For the first screening, candidates attend one-on-one interviews, group interviews that include simulation training, and team-building activities. We look for the following qualities:

  • Professional yet fun-loving
  • Positive and infectious energy
  • Confident and outgoing
  • Open-minded and approachable
  • Disciplined and forward-thinking
  • Resourceful and quick-thinking

A second screening takes place where candidates must complete 25 hours of classroom training. Then, once background checks are completed through an independent agency, a final screening unfolds with over 50 hours of practical training where candidates shadow a senior Tour Leader during a class trip.


The candidates who make it through this process are hired to accompany your group 24/7 and bring your itinerary to life. As destination experts and multi-linguists, they act as an extension of your class trip’s curriculum objectives. They also do much of the heavy lifting for you, such as:

  • Guiding your group through the day’s activities
  • Helping everyone stay organized, prepared and on schedule
  • Assisting chaperones with head counts and bed checks
  • Safeguarding your group through busy streets and activity sites
  • Responding to emergencies and coordinating on-site support
  • Keeping your students engaged with stories, jokes, songs, games and more

Why Jumpstreet?

If you are shopping around for a company for your next student trip, stop here. Even after 15 years, travelling with my eighth-graders to Quebec in January remains the highlight of my year.

Jennie, French Teacher
New Hampshire

Jumpstreet gets rave reviews all around. We were pleased with the level of knowledge the tour leaders had, the great food that was served, and the many things we learned. We were very pleased with the hotel accommodations!

Paula, Technology Coach
Rhode Island

Livia was very responsive to our last-minute questions.  She went above and beyond to accommodate the details of our jam-packed adventure.

Nancy, Language Teacher

Thanks again for all of your hard work in helping make this trip happen… I would highly recommend Jumpstreet to any other school. No other tour company can compare!

Ginny, French Teacher
British Columbia

I actually decided to come back to Quebec with my family for March Break!!!!  It was an amazing trip.

Tasha, Middle School Teacher
Nova Scotia

Jumpstreet was highly recommended and I have been very happy with every aspect of the trip planning, payment process, and support to the school and all students and parents.

Paul, Parent
I just want to thank Jumpstreet for the wonderful tours to NYC that I have been involved in for the past 5 years. Having the opportunity to take students who have perhaps not travelled much at all and see their faces when they come up from the subway in Times Square or the excitement in their eyes as the lights come up on a Broadway stage is amazing!
Kristi, Middle School Teacher
New Brunswick

We had a great trip… truly! The chaperones said it was the best ever. Amy and Martina were fantastic, as usual, which is why we keep requesting them as our guides!


Erin, History Teacher
New Hampshire

You are the masters of teen touring!! Thanks again for everything!


Becky, Middle School Teacher

I would not travel with any other company because you make it fun and worry-free! Kids never forget their Quebec trip with Jumpstreet and often return with family!

Barsha, French Teacher
New Hampshire

From approvals to presentations, our Tour Consultants are here to jump through the trip-planning hoops right alongside you.


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