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Les Tours Jumpstreet Tours (herein known as "Jumpstreet") is a member of Travelopia.


Jumpstreet maintains twenty-five million dollars insurance (general liability). All on tour are covered from the time they reach their tour destination up until the time they depart.

Transportation suppliers furnish their own liability insurance.


Tour Proposal: The proposal indicates the details included in your trip price such as the type of transportation, the accommodation, the number of meals, the activities, etc. This means that all costs are established based on a minimum number of paying participants. Once the proposal is signed, Jumpstreet can take necessary actions needed to reserve and confirm your preferred dates. In addition, the proposal lists the prices based on various numbers of travelling participants.

Contract & Payment Schedule: Once we receive your signed tour proposal, we will send you a contract and payment schedule reflecting the details and pricing of your signed proposal (all prior proposals sent to you become null and void). Your initial deposit due date will be indicated on your payment schedule. As soon as your first deposit is received, Jumpstreet will make all necessary reservations to ensure that your dates and itinerary details comply with your requests.


Your trip price is based on a minimum number of paying participants. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, then the trip price and/or contents will have to be adjusted; to help manage these changes you should contact us immediately when you know your minimum participant level will not be met. Your trip price is guaranteed if you make your payments on time in accordance with your payment schedule; otherwise the trip price could increase due to changes in supplier pricing, availability, fuel surcharges, and exchange rates.


Jumpstreet reserves the right to cancel a tour. This will not have any financial implications for you; you will get a full refund.


Your trip deposit is not refundable unless otherwise agreed in writing. Other than the trip deposit, if you cancel your trip (entire group), the following fees apply:

61 days or more before departure: 100% reimbursed (minus your trip deposit)*

60 to 39 days before departure: 75% reimbursed (minus your trip deposit)*

38 to 15 days before departure: 50% reimbursed (minus your trip deposit)*

14 days before departure: 0% reimbursed

*Exception: Non-recoverable payments made to suppliers will be added to cancellation fees in the case of group cancellation, including processing fees for online payments.


We strongly recommend that individual participants purchase cancellation insurance to protect against the loss of their payments in case of an emergency. Please review the various insurance options available to you. Every trip cancellation may impact the trip price of all other participants. A cancellation must be in writing and made at least 61 days before trip departure:

61 days or more before departure: all but $100 reimbursed*

60 days or less before departure: 0% reimbursed*

*Exception: Non-recoverable payments made to suppliers will be added to cancellation fees.

Paying the above fees does not guarantee that the trip price will not change for the rest of the group as a result of fewer paying participants.


Any portion of the trip that is non-utilized is not reimbursable. If a client cancels a portion of the trip, the client is not allowed any form of credit or reimbursement for the cancelled portion.


Jumpstreet reserves the right to modify your itinerary in the event of changes made by product suppliers for security reasons and/or if deemed necessary for other reasons. Depending on the situation, this can change the price of your trip, although we will always try to avoid it.


The final itinerary you will receive is a legal document under Act 430, which relates to driver hours. This law aims to increase security while traveling by motor coach. Consequently, everyone involved is responsible, from the transportation company to the tour operator. For more information, please consult our annex of the hours of service and work for the bus drivers (intermediary number C.T.Q.: 9-M-30562-i).


Most of our carriers reserve the right to pass down fuel surcharges in the case of a substantial increase between the time you book the trip and the departure date. We have put in place mechanisms to ensure that these increases are justified and accurate. If we receive such increases, while we have never passed them on to our customers in the past, we reserve the right to adjust the final price for your group. Increases or changes to airline surcharges between booking and travel dates will be charged to your group. Jumpstreet is not responsible for changes to airline baggage policies or surcharges. Unless otherwise stated, and if applicable, the trip price does not include airline baggage handling fees.


If payments are not received when due, your trip price is subject to change due to foreign exchange rate fluctuations.


Payments are due as per your payment schedule in your contract. Specialty items like tickets to Broadway plays and sporting events must be paid upon booking. If you think that your payment will be received later than the due date, please contact us as soon as possible. Late payments are subject to fees and interest.


By law, we must inform you of travel insurance options. We provide this information in your tour proposal. The trip-organizer is responsible for either providing this information to all travelers, or providing Jumpstreet with contact information for all travelers so that the company can distribute the information. If we do not receive their contact information from you prior to your deposit date we will assume that you have distributed the information yourself. Check your insurance coverage when you are travelling abroad. Jumpstreet will not be held responsible for a Customer’s decision to not purchase insurance.


Travellers with physical and/or mental disabilities who require special attention and/or treatment must submit a statement signed by a doctor indicating that he or she is fit to participate in the trip and can move without assistance. It is the trip-organizer’s responsibility to collect all information pertaining to travelers with special needs, including all allergies. Jumpstreet cannot guarantee the removal of all allergenic substances during your trip.


All travelers are responsible for acquiring and having all documentation required for border crossings (may include Visa, passport, and permission letter). For US and Canadian requirements, please visit: www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/travel/vacation/ready_set_go/land_travel/docs/


Jumpstreet is committed to ensuring, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all our travelers, as well as our employees and any others affected by our operations and activities. For more information on our Health & Safety Policy, please visit: www.jumpstreet.com/health-safety

As a tour operator, Jumpstreet and its representatives act as booking agents; as an intermediary between the participants and the carriers, the hotels, the restaurants, the activities and any other participating service providers. However, Jumpstreet and its representatives have no direct control over these organizations and cannot, under any circumstances, be held accountable for their errors, omissions, and/or neglect. All reservations made through us are subject to the conditions of their respective suppliers. Jumpstreet will not be liable to its participants or any other person for any claim, loss, damage, delay, early returns, and/or other expenses arising from personal injuries, accidents, death, damages and/or losses of personal property, delays and / or misfortunes which may arise through the use of means of transport taken, or from any company or person whose services were retained by Jumpstreet. Any complaints regarding the trip must be submitted in writing within 14 days after the trips arrival.


Jumpstreet does not assume any responsibility for any claim, loss, damage, cost, fees, delay or loss of amenities of all sorts of the traveler or member of the group resulting from factors that are outside of Jumpstreet’s control including: work conflict, strikes, social unrest, terrorism, war, blockade, quarantine, bad meteorological conditions, earthquake, flood, mechanical breakage, government actions or any other factors that are out of the control of Jumpstreet Tours and its suppliers.

Jumpstreet commits to doing everything in its power to correct and/or work around any such situation. All fees related to any situation outside of the control of Jumpstreet that force a longer stay abroad, or an early return home, will be charged to and paid for by the client.


Accommodations for paying participants are quadruple (two beds) occupancy and complimentary teacher / chaperone accommodations are double occupancy (2 beds) unless otherwise stipulated.

Rooming lists are due six weeks prior to departure.


Each participant consents that Jumpstreet Tours uses for advertisement and promotional purposes their name, picture and/or video image in any format using any medium, at perpetuity and without any compensation.


This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Quebec law and each party agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Quebec as regards any claim or matter arising under this agreement.

Travelling to Europe or Central America? Click here for our long-haul terms and conditions.

Last modified: January, 2016