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Good morning England! Explore the British capital and discover the best it has to offer, between its captivating museums, impressive monuments and the vibrant energy of its cosmopolitan neighborhoods. And why not enjoy a fish & chips along the way?

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Our tours begin with... 

Day 1
  • Overnight flight towards England;

Day 2

  • Arrival in London, let this adventure begin!  
  • Enjoy an enthralling introduction to the story of the city through a visit of the Museum of London Wall;  
  • Take a deep dive into London culture while exploring the famous Covent Garden market.  

Day 3

  • Westminster, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square...here are some of the places that you will discover this morning with your local guide!
  • Admire the works of the world's greatest artists during your tour of the National Gallery. Which will be your favorite?
  • Get an overview on the British Capitol during a ride on the London Eye.
Day 4

  • Follow in the footsteps of the monarchy as you explore Kensington Palace, the royal residence!
  • Rub shoulders with locals at Borough Market, London's most famous food market;
  • Take out your cameras, you are crossing the mythical Tower Bridge!
  • Follow one of the legendary Yeomen on a thrilling tour of the Tower of London, a former prison that houses the Crown Jewels!

Day 5

  • Can you imagine that the collections of the British Museum contain more than 7 million objects? Discover some of them during your audio guided tour.
  • Can we visit London without evoking Shakespeare? Explore the reconstruction of its legendary theater, The Globe! To be or not to be?
  • Ready for some thrills? Visit the Whitechapel district in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper!
Day 6
  • Let's leave London for the day to discover the famous site of Stonehenge. Do you feel this special atmosphere?
  • Continue with an exploration of the charming city of Bath, which spans 7 hills and bears a little resemblance to Florence. Change of scenery guaranteed!
  • You cannot visit Bath without seeing its Roman Baths. Ready for a trip back in time?

Day 7

  • Enter the wonderful world of witchcraft and Hogwarts with a tour of Warner Studios in Leavesden, The Making of Harry Potter. Are you more a Gryffindor or a Slytherin?
  • Free time in London to explore the city at your own pace or shop around the souvenir shelves at Harrods department store.
Day 8
  • With your head and luggage full of memories, make your way to London Airport to catch your flight home. Goodbye England!
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Year Around
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