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La dolce vita! Follow us in the discovery of this mythical destination that has so much to offer: a tremendous amount of historical sites, breathtaking landscapes and mouth-watering food specialties that will make your class trip one of a lifetime for your students. Andiamo! 

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Our tours begin with... 

Day 1
  • Overnight flight towards Italy;

Day 2

  • Arrival in Rome, it's time to begin your trip!   
  • Enjoy a panoramic tour of the city to get a first glimpse of all the marvels of la Citta Eterna;  
  • Flour, water and salt, here are the basic ingredients of one the most famous Italian dishes: pizza! Dive in local gastronomy during a pizza making workshop

Day 3

  • Explore fascinating Ancient Rome with a local guide. To see: the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. Ave Caesar! 
  • Enter another country as you're heading to the Vatican to visit its most famous sites: the Vatican Museums, St. Peter's Basilica and of course, the Sistine Chapel
  • Recreate the days of the Roman Empire during an impressive Gladiator Show!
Day 4
  • All aboard! Time to depart for a day excursion to the Bay of Naples
  • Learn about the life in 80 B.C as you're visiting Pompeii excavations site where the life of the locals froze after an eruption of Vesuvius.
  • Lace up your shoes for a fascinating hike to the top of Vesuvius volcano with a specialist guide. Beware, the giant is only sleeping... 
Day 5
  • Prepare your spare change for your guided tour of Baroque Rome that will lead you from the Pantheon to the Spanish Steps with a stop at the unmissable Trevi Fountain. Make a wish! 
  • It's already time to leave Rome, let's hit the road towards Tuscany
  • Make a stop in the charming city of Siena that will amaze you with its medieval heritage. 
Day 6
  • Admire how 2 thousand years of history shaped the beauty of Florence during a walking tour with a local guide
  • Enter the Galleria dell' Accademia to discover the works of the greatest artists of the Renaissance era, including Michelango's famous David
  • Roll up your sleeves, you're about to learn all the secrets of the fabrication of another Italian monument: pasta! This cooking workshop will whet your appetite!
Day 7
  • All aboard! Last destination of this amazing trip: Venice
  • Make an unforgettable arrival in the city aboard a vaporetto that will drop you near San Marco Plaza, dolce-vita style; 
  • Follow your local guide for a walking tour: Bridge of Sighs, San Marco Basilica, Doge's Palace... these are just some of the marvels you're about to discover. 
Day 8
  • Sail in a postcard scenery during your excursion to Murano and Burano Islands, that will make you discover the amazing work of glass-blowers and picturesque and colorful houses. 
  • Free time in Venice! It's the perfect opportunity to visit Peggy's Guggenheim Museum, or to enjoy a gondola ride, or simply to taste a gelato. 
Day 9
  • With your head and luggage full of memories, make your way to Venice Airport to catch your flight home. Ciao Italia!
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