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Mayan ruins in Guatemala

Student immersion tours to Guatemala

Be the change you want to see in this world as you spend two weeks in Antigua and Ciudad Vieja. Stay with local families, work closely with the community on a wide range of projects, explore the region’s stunning landscapes and infrastructure, and practice speaking Spanish like never before.

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Our tours begin with ...

  • 20 hours of intensive private Spanish lessons in Antigua, a stunning post-colonial UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • A volunteer construction project. Sites are chosen based on the specific needs of poorer villages in the area. We simply ask for an additional donation to the community to help pay for materials.
  • Authentic dance workshops and cooking classes that will bring you closer to the country’s indigenous roots.
  • Guided tours of Antigua, as well as museum visits and a trip to the vibrant Chichicastenango market.
  • Rewarding day trips to volcanoes, macadamia nut plantations and beautiful Lake Atitlán, in the heart of the stunning Sierra Madre.


Destination Recommendations 
10 Days
September to May

with local families, where the immersion never ends!


work in the community, including schools, hospitals, youth groups and orphanages.

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What's included

tour leaders
Gear for eco-minded
on call 24/7
lets talk class trips

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