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Let's travel to one of Europe's main destinations: Germany! Explore its vibrant cities and rich history, all while to admiring its amazing landscapes with our fun-filled itineraries that will complete your programs perfectly. Wilkommen in Deutschland!

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Sample itinerary for Germany trips


  • Overnight flight towards Germany;


  • Arrival in Berlin, let's start this adventure!   
  • Enjoy a panoramic tour of the city to get a first glimpse of all the marvels of the German capitol. The Brandenburg Gate will impress you!   
  • Get an overview on Berlin as you're ascending the TV Turm. 


  • Remember the past as you visit the Berlin Wall Memorial that holds the last piece of this infamous monument. 
  • Discover how life was on the East side of the wall, on your visit of the DDR Museum.
  • Unveil the highly secretive methods used for spying on citizens during the German Democratic Republic at the Stasi Museum. 
  • Explore the amazing East Side Gallery, that combines history and street art - the artwork will blow your minds! 


  • All aboard! Time to depart for a day excursion to Potsdam! 
  • Learn about the hectic history of the city during a walking tour with a local guide that will tell you all about knights, emperors, the Cold War and more!
  • Explore the fascinating Sanssouci Palace that will surprise you with its Rococo architecture and yellow walls! 
  • Enter the thrilling world of cinema with a visit of the Babelsberg Filmpark! Film sets, stunt techniques, learn all the secrets of filmmaking! 


  • Let's hit the road towards your next destination: Nuremberg! 
  • Stretch your legs with an enthralling walking tour of this medieval town. While it's been massively destroyed during WWII, it's remains are left for you to discover; 
  • Rub shoulders with locals at the craft market Handwekerhof, find some souvenirs and try out the famous Nuremberg sausages! 


  • Pursue your discovery of Bavaria with a stroll in the picturesque city of Regensburg, which is on the Unesco Heritage list. You won't be able to leave after you take a walk along the Danube. 
  • Follow a local guide for a guided tour of Dachau Concentration Camp, the first camp of the Nazi extermination program; 
  • Explore the BMW Automobile Museum that displays the history of the brand through 5000 square metres of exhibitions! 


  • Live your fairy-tale dream during your guided tour of Neuschwanstein Castle. It is said that it inspired Walt Disney for his castle design in The Sleeping Beauty... 
  • We hope you don't fear heights! We're bringing you to the top of Germany, the Zugspitze! Board a gondola and get ready for breathtaking views! 


  • Go from one unmissable monument to another during a guided tour of Munich. Go from Marienplatz to the Nymphenburg Palace and the Olympic Stadium and more! 
  • Free time in Munich! It's the perfect opportunity to visit the Victuals Market, go check the Rathaus-Glockenspiel or take a stroll along Maximilianstrasse!
  • We hope these discoveries worked up your appetite because tonight, you're having dinner at a traditional BraüHaus!  Bratwurst and sauerkraut on the menu! 


  • With your head and luggage full of memories, make your way to Munich Airport to catch your flight home. Auf wiedersehen Deutschland! 
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