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Students looking out to a beautiful blue lake in Ecuador

The world is our oyster, let us guide you through it.

With spectacular custom programs offered at the four corners of the world, teachers and students can dream big. Expect a full-on experiential trip that targets all of your senses, because the sights, the smells, the sounds, the taste and the touch are all part of the discovery. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!    

Student Tours to Central & South America

Costa Rica Tours

Partake in local development initiatives that promote sustainability, immersion and integration at their finest.

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Ecuador Tours

Known for having the highest level of biodiversity per square kilometer/mile of any nation, Ecuador will have you soaring on nature's splendor.

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Guatemala Tours

You'll stay with local families, work in the community projects, explore the region's stunning landscapes, and practice Spanish like never before.
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Nicaragua Tours

Whether you're teaching Spanish or not, your students are going to love their trip to one of the most rustic countries in Central America. 
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Student Tours to Asia

China Tours

With over 5,000 years of fascinating history, you can't grasp all of China in one visit, so we've put together a program that will have you coming back for more. 

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Thailand Tours

Thailand has it all: bustling cities, humbling history and architecture, incredible local cuisine and a wealth of natural wonders and wildlife.

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Japan Tours

Japan is a front runner when it comes to embracing its traditions while constantly pushing innovation and creativity. And we haven't even mentioned the food yet...

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Student Tours to Africa

Morocco Tours

This trip will have you mesmerized in front of the stunning palaces, the food, the architecture and the languages spoken around you. Morocco is like no other, it's life-changing. 
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Why Jumpstreet?

Jumpstreet gets rave reviews all-around. We were pleased with the level of knowledge the tour leaders had, the great food that was served, and the many things we learned. We were very pleased with the hotel accommodations!

Paula, Technology Coach
Rhode Island