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Student Tours to the UK & Ireland

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Student Travel to the United Kingdom & Ireland:
Where History, Literature and Gorgeous Views Align

Looking to complete your English literature, history or STEM class with a student trip to remember? The UK & Ireland are giant playgrounds, full of educational options for your students! Witness Britain's never-ending history in person with museums and landmarks at the plenty, feel like a royal as you castle-hop in Scotland, get a better understanding of the impact of the industrial revolution as you roam through the streets of London, or opt for a trip to the Emerald Isle, where your students are sure to fall in love with the language, beauty and culture of Ireland.

Our Itinerary Recommendations 

Student Tours to England

Give your students the very best of what England has to offer - Stonehenge, Bath, and everything London - with a customizable itinerary that hits all of the must-sees!

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Student Tours to Scotland

Travel from Edinburgh to Glasgow to witness Scotland's fairytale setting in person, from iconic castles, to incredible architecture and the dramatic landscapes in between.

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Student Tours to Ireland

Is the grass really greener in Ireland? It sure is! Fall in love with Ireland as you & your students travel from Dublin, to the Cliffs of Moher, the Giant's Causeway, and more!

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Student Tours to London

Give your students the perfect taste of London (and we're not just talking about the fish & chips!) with an itinerary that can be adapted as needed for your curriculum.

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Student Tours to Ireland and Scotland

Embark on a fascinating trip that features Ireland & Scotland's most beautiful castles, landscapes, cities, languages and landmarks.

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Student Tours to England and Scotland

Travel from Dublin to Glasgow, on a sports, culture and history-focused trip that is sure to leave your students speechless!

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Discover More

Student Tours to France

Our suite of immersive programs to France stretch far beyond the classic Paris experience. Your class will talk about this trip for years to come (in French!).
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Educational Resources for the Classroom

Find engaging lesson plans and inspiration for creating online classroom content on our platform of over 500 educational resources.
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Check out our promotions to see if you are eligible to receive a discount on your next domestic or international student tour. Act quick! Some offers expire soon.
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Why Jumpstreet?

The sites we visited were incredibly well chosen and timed. I thought the hands-on activities were great for the kids and adults alike. Additionally, the quality of the museums and places we visited was excellent. We learned a lot. 
AnneMarie, Teacher