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View of New York City from George Washington Bridge


Attention Spanish teachers! Looking to take a bigger bite out of la Gran Manzana? We basically invented the Spanish New York tour twenty years ago and haven’t stopped developing it since.
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Our tours begin with ...

Day 1

  • Embark on a walking tour of El Barrio to learn how the neighborhood has been shaped by the cultural and social practices of the area;
  • Experiment with a variety of traditional musical instruments including congas, bongos and bells at El Taller Latino Americano;
  • Act like a local and take the NYC subway;
  • If you can walk, you can salsa! Bust a couple of new moves at your salsa workshop;

Day 2 

  • Hop on a boat in direction of the Ellis Island Immigration Museum and complete our exclusive Fact Finding Mission;
  • Retrace the steps of countless 19th Century immigrants as we walk along the famous Brooklyn Bridge for a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline;
  • Discover the stories behind the millions of immigrants who fled to America at The Tenement Museum;
  • Get ready for a cooking workshop where you will learn about Mexican culinary culture and the different ingredients used in Latin cuisine; 
  • See a wonderful Latin American theater performance to end the evening;

Day 3 

  • Stroll through Central Park to spot out some highlights, such as the Bethesda Fountain, Strawberry Fields, the Pond, or the Alice in Wonderland statue;
  • Travel back in time as you discover the treasures of the Metropolitan Museum of Art from Medieval to Egyptian, to Spanish and the masters;
  • We dare you to try something new at East Harlem's La Marqueta, a local market selling everything delicious! 
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3 TO 4 Days
Students learning to tango at a dance workshop
Friends hanging at a local market
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