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Walk Across The Hall

Referral Program

Walk Across the Hall_Referral Program_Jumpstreet-Tours


Trip organizers, students, and parents alike put a lot of hard work into collecting the money needed to get these trips up and running. That's why Jumpstreet is offering you the opportunity to raise $1,500 with very little effort.

By referring Jumpstreet to any type of travelling group, you could earn $1,500 towards your own class trip!

Here's how:

1. Refer us to a fellow trip organizer by filling out this quick form. 

2. If they book with us, you'll earn $1,500 towards your own class trip with Jumpstreet.

Terms and conditions apply:

  • The referred group must book at least 2 nights accommodation with at least 30 paying participants (US/Canada trips), or 6 nights accommodation with at least 15 paying participants (trips outside North America).
  • The referred group must book transportation and accommodation through Jumpstreet.
  • Your class trip must be booked through Jumpstreet.
  • If your referral books with us, you can redeem a $1,500 credit that will be applied after the referred group has paid in full and travelled.
  • All Jumpstreet destinations apply.
  • All referrals and credits are subject to final approval by Jumpstreet Educational Tours.