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New to Jumpstreet-Domestic Scholarships-LP_hero-1150x400

First time organizing a trip with Jumpstreet?
You may be eligible to give a deserving student a full travel scholarship!

Simple terms and conditions apply:

  • 1 scholarship per motorocoach.
  • The group must book the complete tour package (including transportation and accomodation) through Jumpstreet.
  • Offer is for new clients only (a new trip in a school that already travels with us is valid).
  • Package must include overnight accomodations with a minimum of 30 paying participants. 
  • All Jumpstreet domestic destinations apply (Canada and the U.S. inclusively). 
  • Airfare excluded from scholarship.
  • Excludes trips merged with other schools.
  • Payments must be made according to the agreed payment schedule
  • All credits are subject to final approval by Jumpstreet Educational Tours.