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Educational Resources for French-Canada

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Classroom Resources For You to Use

Integrating a class trip to Canada with your curriculum boosts buy-in from both your school board and the community at large. Many of our Canada programs' top activities pitch in with amazing and free lesson plans, classroom projects and educational resources too. Instead of spending all your time researching them, we've done the leg work for you and collected them all below!

Québec Resources in French


flag-quebec-white History, Stem, Languages

Since 1996, Alloprof has supported teachers and students with free multimedia educational resources for all ages and subjects. Get some inspiration here!   

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Société des Musées du Québec

flag-quebec-white uk_flag_3The Arts, History, STEM, Culture

You're only one click away from visiting Quebec's most iconic and captivating museums. Select your favorites and take a virtual tour from your classroom. 

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Réseau d'Information pour la Réussite Éducative (RIRE)

flag-quebec-white Language, History 

Explore a wealth of state-sponsored classroom resources. The grade 9 History capsules tie directly to the themes and activities in our itineraries. 

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Musée de la Civilisation

flag-quebec-white uk_flag_3History, Culture 

Le Musée de la Civilisation has a wealth of lesson plans for all subjects and levels. Great immersive content in here to read and fine-tune those interpretative skills. 

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Art Public Montréal

flag-quebec-white uk_flag_3The Arts, Explore a city

There's always some form of art to stumble upon in Montreal. Follow the trail of your liking to discover the artists and stories behind Montreal's famous street art scene.

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Grande Bibliothèque de Montréal

flag-quebec-whiteLanguage, Culture

With maps, articles, and magazines at the plenty, la Grande Bibliothèque has a unique collection of documents to help your students explore Quebec's rich heritage.

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Musée Canadien de l'Histoire

flag-quebec-whiteuk_flag_3History, Culture

Travel back in time and learn about the women of La Nouvelle-France and historical thinking with packages by the Canadian Museum of History.

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Patrimoine Côte-de-Beaupré

flag-quebec-whiteuk_flag_3History, Explore a city 

From traditional Québec homes, to ancestral French houses, follow the architectural path of l'Avenue Royale, the oldest street of Québec and of the Beaupré Coast.

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McGill University


McGill University's Redpath Museum has a fantastic suite of teaching resources that cover biology, geology and math for students of all ages. 

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French-Canadian Resources

The National Film Board of Canada

uk_flag_grey_2 flag-quebec-greyCulture, History, the Arts

Here is one of our favorite websites to find engaging French short films that will have your students interacting with and interpreting French-Canadian content. 


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Association Canadienne d'Éducation de Langue Française

 flag-quebec-grey Language, History, the Arts, STEM

Browse through the ACELF's impressive bank of educational activities for all subjects and levels, including this multicultural visual arts capsule.


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Musée Canadien des Droits de l'Homme

uk_flag_grey_2flag-quebec-grey History, Culture

Dedicated to the evolution and understanding of human rights, these resources are likely to inspire interesting dialogues within your classroom.

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Encyclopédie du Patrimoine Culturel de l'Amérique Française

flag-quebec-grey History, Culture, The Arts

Find inspiration and challenge your students with illustrations, videos, articles, music and interactive games that cover the French language in North America.

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Musée Virtuel du Canada

uk_flag_grey_2flag-quebec-grey History, The Arts, Language

Browse through the largest digital source of stories and experiences shared by Canada’s museums and heritage organizations, carefully crafted for students of all ages.

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Government of Canada

uk_flag_grey_2 flag-quebec-greyHistory

Learn where the names of Canada's lands, lakes and rivers come from with this interactive map that commemorates the actions of Canadians in the defense of freedom & democracy.

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Ontario Resources in French

Ontario Science Center

uk_flag_3 STEM

Here you'll find loads of science experiments and short educational videos going from ocean acidification to DNA extraction for you to choose from for your next science class.

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Canadian Museum of Nature

uk_flag_grey_2 flag-quebec-greySTEM

Students of all ages will enjoy learning about biodiversity with the help of these short educational videos by the Canadian Museum of Nature.


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uk_flag_3 History

Explore the themes and patterns that emerged throughout the Cold War with these games and lesson plans by Ottawa's Diefenbunker.

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Jumpstreet gets a rave reviews all around. We were pleased with the level of knowledge the tour leaders had, the great food that was served, and the many things we learned. We were very pleased with the hotel accommodations! 
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