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Educational Resources for France & Europe


Classroom Resources For You to Use

Integrating a class trip with your curriculum boosts buy-in from both your school board and the community at large. Many of our Europe programs' top activities pitch in with amazing and free lesson plans, classroom projects and educational resources too. Instead of spending all your time researching them, we've done the leg work for you and collected them all below!

France Resources

The Caen Memorial

uk_flag_3 History, Culture

What was daily life like during the German occupation? How exactly did the Resistance unfold? Here are a handful of workshops to accompany your Normandy trip.

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The Louvre Museum

French_flag_2The Arts, Explore a city, Culture

It's an iconic art museum, so it's no surprise that their educational resources are top notch. There's something for everyone: art, history, technique and more.

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The Palace of Versailles

French_flag_2 History, Explore a city, Culture, The Arts

There's so much to see in Versailles, this online documentary will take you deep into the halls of this iconic castle. Get ready to be immersed! 

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C'est Pas Sorcier - the D-Day

French_flag_2 History, Language, Culture

Relive this historical event in a humorous way. Jamie & Fred who will walk you up Omaha and Juno Beach and teach you everything about this crucial day. 

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News in Slow French

French_flag_2uk_flag_3Culture, Language

Improve your French all while learning more about the news. Try out this resource that will adapt to your level AND bring you the freshest headlines. 

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uk_flag_3 Explore a city, Culture

Take a stroll through Paris and learn all about some its most recognizable landmarks with these virtual tours.

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Les Odyssées - Lascaux Caves

French_flag_2 History, Culture, the Arts

Listen to an immersive story about the discovery of the famous Lascaux Caves. While you're there, don't hesitate to browse through other stories about historical events and characters. 

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Lyrics Training - Famille

French_flag_2 Language, Culture

Make your students practice their French with this tool that blends music and language. We've chosen the title Famille by Jean-Jacques Goldman but dozens of others are available. 

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The Orsay Museum

French_flag_2 Literature, the Arts

The museum offers a lot of great activities, like this workshop on Charles Beaudelaire. This activity will help your students understand taste and context in art criticism.

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Ver-Taal - French Podcast with questionnaires.

French_flag_2 Language, Culture

Want to test your students listening skills? Check out this page which offers short video podcasts in French with a set of questions to test their comprehension. 

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Time Out - The Best 100 French Movies of All Times

French_flag_2 The Arts, Culture 

You want to expand your knowledge of French cinema? This article is perfect for you. Browse through the 100 movies listed here, from Amélie to Les Demoiselles de Rochefort

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Vogue - Les Maisons d'Écrivains à Voir en France

American_flag_circle_white The Arts, Culture 

Walk in the steps of Edmond Rostand, Émile Zola and Victor Hugo as you're discovering their homes in France, and grab nice ideas for your next school trip. 

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Northern Europe Resources

The National Gallery - London - Online Tour

uk_flag_grey_2 Explore a city, The Arts, Culture

Step inside the Gallery of one of the most beautiful museums in Europe and discover amazing collections of masterpieces directly from the comfort of your classroom. 

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30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

uk_flag_grey_2 History

Take your students back in time to this memorable day of November 9, 1989 when the face of Europe changed. Stroll through history with videos, music and pop culture references.

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The British Council

uk_flag_grey_2 Literature, History

To be or not to be? Dive into Shakespeare's famous masterpieces with these fun and captivating activities. 


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Van Gogh Museum - Amsterdam - Artworks database

uk_flag_grey_2 Explore a city, The Arts, Culture

Dive into Van Gogh's artworks with this exhaustive database from the museum of Amsterdam. 

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Visit London - Virtual Tour

uk_flag_grey_2 Explore a city, Geography

Hello, London! Embark on an amazing virtual journey towards the British capital main landmarks and catch a glimpse of your next class trip there! 

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Alte Nationalgalerie - Berlin - Online exhibitions

uk_flag_grey_2 Explore a city, The Arts, Culture

Wilkommen in Berlin! Explore the fascinating collections of the Alte Nationalgalerie and discover its major gems and masterpieces. 

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Southern Europe Resources

The Dali Museum

uk_flag_3 The Arts

Be amazed by an online experience that will make you discover the inspiring universe of this unique artist through digital exhibitions, lessons plans and more!


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Edsitement - It came from Greek Mythology

uk_flag_3 History, Culture, The Arts

Prepare your students for their trip to Greece with this fascinating lesson plan that will make the parallel between Greek Mythology and today’s civilization. 


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National Geographic - Technology and Control in Ancient Rome

uk_flag_3 History, Culture, Explore a City

Engage your classroom with this activity reviewing the role of technology in the grownig of the Roman Empire. Other subjects are available as well.  


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Reina Sofia Museum - Madrid - Rethinking Guernica

uk_flag_3 The Arts, History

Discover the historical event behind the famous painting from Pablo Picasso with this interactive lesson plan and numerous attached references. 


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Google Treks - Discover Venice

uk_flag_3 The Arts, Explore a City

Discover Venice as if you were there with this amazing tool that will bring you straight to the streets of The Floating City. Andiamo


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Headout - Virtual Tours of Spain

uk_flag_3 Explore a City

Get ready for amazing virtual tours of Spain's most important cities, from the sun-bathed streets of Seville to the vibrating Ramblas in Barcelona. 


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