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Jumpstreet combines two approaches to the delivery of your class trips:


Our precise approach is inherent in all our processes so that your role in the class trip-planning is smooth, user-friendly and without any unwelcome surprises. All our underlying logistics are meticulously-planned: your transportation and accommodations are well-timed and respectful of your budget, your meals and activities are seamless, enjoyable and complimentary of your trip objectives, and our communication with you is prompt, helpful and transparent. We believe that every student tour deserves this level of service at the very least.

We also implement a personalized approach to foster lasting relationships and further enrich both your planning and student tour experience. Here’s how:

  • We assign a personal Tour Consultant to every school because we believe in supporting the trip-organizer with dedicated resources. This includes a 24/7 emergency line that patches you directly to our senior staff.

  • We strongly believe in hiring and training our Tour Leaders in-house because it’s the best way to provide your group with a personalized service that will bring your itinerary to life. They stay with you for the duration of your trip. They’re young, dynamic, University-educated and bilingual, if not multilingual. Our Tour Leader team is crafted to inspire your students and instill confidence and comfort in you and your chaperones.

  • Having spent almost three decades in close collaboration with teachers all over North America, we believe in developing our own exclusive activities to compliment curriculum objectives and encourage student engagement. Examples include:

    • Our Spanish immersion programs in New York City and Montreal. Before Jumpstreet, few inroads had even been made for student groups to apply their Spanish and learn about immigration in North America via communities like the Lower East Side

    • Exclusive programming developed in-house by our Operations and Marketing departments, including photo scavenger hunts at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, a Media Studies workshop for the 9/11 Museum, a French-language scavenger hunt that takes place in Quebec groceries and markets, custom fact-finding missions in all our major destinations, local dance and percussion workshops for our Spanish immersion trips, ‘Green’ tourism workshops animated by our Tour Leaders, and workshops dedicated to Canadian folklore and oral history on the Beaupré Coast in Quebec City.

  • We also developed a suite of helpful Trip-Planning Resources because we believe in sharing and empowering communities with student travel smarts.

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Our Team

Mark Clarke

President & Co-Founder
Mark was a Tour Leader and professional musician before starting Jumpstreet out of his kitchen with his brother, Tom. The rest, as they say, is history. Simply put, Mark is a pioneer. From immersion programming to overnight security, he has worked tirelessly to redefine educational travel in the name of trip-organizers and their communities. And he isn't slowing down any time soon.

Tom Clarke

Commercial Director & Co-Founder
With a background in Finance, Tom was the perfect ying to brother Mark's yang: business-savvy, data-driven, but an avid world-traveller nonetheless. Next time you see him, ask him about his trip to Africa. The stories he'll tell make it clear why he loves his work so dearly.

Terrie de Verteuil

Sales Manager

With over 16 years’ experience in educational travel in both Operations and Sales, Terrie now manages our Sales team with aplomb.

Alexis Biron

Business Development & International Sales

Alexis started out as a Tour Leader 10 years ago before going on to manage the Tour Leader team. Now he develops new destinations and products and runs our International Sales division.

Fatou Diop

Operations Manager

Fatou has been working for Jumpstreet Tours since 2008. She started out as an Administrative Coordinator and has worked her way up to Operations Coordinator and now, thanks to her immense experience and work ethic, Manager!

Vanessa Kingsland-Lavoie

Tour Coordinator Manager
Vanessa has worn many hats in her time at Jumpstreet: Tour Leader, Sales Rep, and now the head of our Tour Coordinator team. She keeps the trains - in this case, the itineraries - running on time.

Cindy Mai

Financial Planning & Analyst Lead
Cindy has been with our Accounting team since 2010. When she isn't planning and analyzing for the future of the business, she's blowing us all away with her spreadsheet wizardry.

Alex Ffrench

Educational Tour Consultant
'Pal' has been working for Jumpstreet Tours for two decades now, first as a legendary Tour Leader before joining the Sales and Customer Service team.

Clara Dorvan

Customer Service & Sales
Having joined the team in 2018, Clara is instrumental to our Customer Service team. She's also earning her stripes in Sales.

Claudia Goddard

Educational Tour Consultant

Having worked in travel and tourism since 2007, Claudia got her start as a writer for a French guide book. She worked for travel agencies in Asia and South America before joining our Sales team in 2017.

Dennis Boktor

Educational Tour Consultant

Dennis has been working for Jumpstreet Tours since 2011. While he mostly plies his trade in Sales and Customer Service, he's also known to jump on a bus as a Tour Leader!

Ha Phung

Payroll Specialist
Ha has been with the business since 2015. Her Accounting skills have earned her a role as our Payroll Specialist - she also supports our Human Resources department.

Jean-François Charbonneau

Educational Tour Consultant
'JF' joined our team in 2017. While he primarily serves our Quebec partner, Éducatours, he's also working for the French-Canadian communities we serve, namely in Eastern Canada.

Julie Langet

Accommodations Coordinator

Julie has been working for Jumpstreet since 2015. The France native has a degree in Hotel Management and worked in hospitality and tourism for several years before joining our team.

Julie Lefevbre

Educational Tour Consultant
Julie was a Jumpstreet Tour Leader 20 years ago before moving to Peru. Now we're lucky to have her back in Sales - our South American programs are benefitting immensely from her presence.

Livia Laverdure

Educational Tour Consultant

Liv has been working for Jumpstreet Tours since 2009. Her experience is very well-rounded: she started out as an Operations Coordinator before joining the Sales and Customer Service team.

Loredana Toma

Accounting Supervisor
Loredana has been with Jumpstreet's Accounting team since 2010. As a supervisor, she ensures that our suppliers are paid so you can enjoy their A1 services.

Maelle Trevedy

International Destinations Coordinator
Maelle joined our Operations team in 2017. The France native brings a lot of experience to the table and has been instrumental in taking our Europe programs to the next level.

Marie-Eve Levesque

Canadian Destinations Coordinator
Another well-rounded team player, Marie-Eve joined our Sales team in 2012, before joining the Operations department in 2017 to serve our Canadian programs.

Marie-Grace Hoho

Educational Tour Coordinator
Marie-Grace joined our team as a Tour Leader in 2016, and she continues in this role to this day. But now that she's a Tour Coordinator too, she's bringing her class trip savvy to the Operations team.

Michael Johnson

Content Creator
Michael has worn many hats since joining our team in 2002: Tour Leader, Sales rep, Marketing Director... the list goes on. Now, as our resident Content Creator, he's bringing his writing and videography skills to the fore.

Myriam Achbairy

US Destinations Coordinator
Myriam joined our Operations team in 2018. She was originally in charge of Canadian destinations but has since moved over to US destinations, giving her well-rounded insight into our supplier relationships all over North America.

Olivia Charlebois

Operations Manager

Olivia has been with Jumpstreet since 2010. She started out as a Tour Leader, gaining experience on the road, before joining the Operations team. Now, she's bundled all that experience up and runs our Tour Leader team, hiring, training and managing our new recruits.

Stephanie Kraess

International Tour Coordinator
Stephanie joined our Operations team in 2016. Today, she is instrumental to our International Sales department, bringing her savvy to the development of all our international itineraries.


Thank you for going to great lengths to personalize a tour to meet the needs of this particular group… For listening and suggesting in equal measure as we planned it out… For taking all the logistical pressure off the teachers… For all the hands-on activities that you've developed over the years… I cannot imagine anyone doing a better job than what you all did with this trip.
French Teacher, VA
We began working with Jumpstreet last year for our grade 8 trip and have been incredibly impressed with their organization, customization and flexibility. They are incredibly customer-focused and the experience of planning and preparing for the trip has far exceeded anything I have previously encountered. When your teachers are preparing a trip, I'd recommend taking a look at Jumpstreet.
Middle School Principal, MA
We stayed up til 1:00 listening to all of the amazing experiences our daughter had and looking at all of the pictures she took. I am so, so happy you offer this trip and she was able to go! Truly the greatest experience! She loved, loved the tour guides and all of the restaurants did a great job with her food too!
Parent, PA
I would highly recommend the company, Jumpstreet Tours, as they have shown me (and many, many students over the years) that they truly care about us and the experience we have!
Middle School Teacher, NB

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