Jumpstreet Tours: A Family Affair Since 1988

Jumpstreet Tours was founded decades ago by the Clarke brothers: Tom, the numbers guy, and Mark, the everything else guy. Mark got his start leading tours himself over 30 years ago; he learned how to run them right, then how to run them even better. Equal parts storyteller, jazz musician and infectious bon-vivant, Mark set the rhythm for what Jumpstreet is today: not just an educational tour company but an educational eye-opener.

Together with a team of fellow world-travellers and language-lovers, Mark and Tom set out to develop custom, exclusive programming for each destination, the kind that compliments a teacher's curriculum.

Tour Leaders were hired and trained to not only bring out the best in a destination but also inspire their student groups to embrace the world with open hearts and minds.

Safety and consideration for the teacher-organizer became paramount, too. Fun fact: when the company was founded in 1988, Jumpstreet made sure to include overnight security in the hotel hallways. Mark came up with the idea after seeing too many teachers burn the candle at boths ends by taking turns to keep watch overnight. Today, hallways security is a benchmark in educational travel.

More recently, Jumpstreet Tours became a member of the Travelopia, which is the world’s number one integrated tourism business, operating in 180 countries with 31 major source markets and over 30 million customers. The infrastructure of support and safety that has come with this partnership is unparalleled.

In a nutshell, Mark and Tom created an educational travel philosophy that all of this is ultimately not about the tour agency but rather about you, the tour-organizer. Jumpstreet was and continues to be committed to teachers, their students, and the community at large by putting them first.

Today, Mark leads the Jumpstreet Tours team as Managing Director, while Tom is the company's Commercial Director. Nearly three decades since its inception, they continue to strive to make student travel an integral part of your world.

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