Don't ask Why Jumpstreet! Ask, why not?

10 reasons why we have repeat customers. Again and again. (And again and again.)


Our staff has been actively leading educational tours since 1988 That's marathon active.


We sleep, eat and breath our student travel activities right alongside you. And we're picky. So you get only what's good enough for our own Jumpstreet family


Our educational tour leaders are young, bilingual, energetic, fun and with you 24/7 Unlike competitors, we never use a destination management sub-contractor.


Our itineraries are thoughtfully designed to engage your class trips We want you back, not bored.


Our student travel programming is flexible By subject matter, by destination, by activities. But not by fun-factor. That's a constant.


Our exclusive educational tour programming is unique and dynamic, plus we deliver the usual student travel stuff in an entertaining way - if we do say so ourselves.


Your students will learn and have fun on our educational tours. Simultaneously!


We're competitive, fun-loving, smart, hard-working people. And our mothers brag about it. It's so embarrassing.


As educational travel consultants it's our job to serve you And we really like our jobs. We're overachievers. Just sayin'.


Teachers say they can't thank us enough. Because their schools and students' parents can't thank them enough. It's a ferocious cycle. We know.