Our Trip-Planning Process

The trip-planning process begins as soon as we deliver the custom quote you requested, which is typically within 2 business days.

We then move on to:

  • Helping you promote your trip with signup posters, templates for permission slips and participant details, insurance and exclusive refund guarantee protection information for parents, and PowerPoint presentations.
    • For the online-inclined, we also have an online registration and payment portal, which trip-organizers can use as a hub for all trip-planning gates, from individual registration to individual payment to group organization and monitoring;
    • Curriculum resources for most of our major destinations, divided by subject;
    • A Health & Safety pamphlet for both your administration and parents;
    • Video content about our destinations, our online portal and our Tour Leader team;
    • We also provide groups with a wide range of useful resources that will help both the trip-organizer and parents, including:
      • A trip-planning checklist with key milestones and deadlines;
      • Packing lists (spring/summer, winter and overseas packing)
      • Fundraising guides;
      • Travel guides for money management, foreign currency and international phone usage;
  • Reviewing your itinerary with your personal Jumpstreet Tour Consultant. This typically happens on the phone, though it can happen in person pending availability. Our Tour Consultants are always on standby for questions and adjustments;
  • Organizing an evening presentation with parents/colleagues. We provide organizers with whatever’s needed to make the meeting a success, including document and slideshow templates. Pending availability, we will attend your information evening. In the event that we’re not available we can attend via Skype (pending resource availability at your meeting location, e.g. projector and WiFi conntection);
  • Working with you to ensure that both the initial deposit per paying participant (plus any additional deposits required, e.g. insurance, show tickets) and any details required for booking flights and/or insurance is collected within 30 days of booking.

At least 75 days before departure (if not yet done):

  • Your Tour Consultant works with you to finalize your number of participants and determine the final trip price for your invoice. This is also when we’ll work with you to prepare:
    • A list of all participants who purchased insurance, including their full name and date of birth;
    • A rooming list (due 60 days before departure) to ensure your hotel arranges your accommodations to your requirements;
    • An emergency phone tree – we provide you with a template for this;
    • A special needs list including all details pertaining to allergies, dietary restrictions, and/or any other special needs about which our team and/or suppliers should be notified.
  • Whether you use our online portal for these or not, templates are provided for each form;

At least 60 days before departure (if not yet done):

  • At this juncture, our team is finalizing your itinerary. We will be reviewing it with a fine-toothed comb to ensure the smooth execution of your trip;
  • This is also when your second payment is due, as well as the lists mentioned above.

At least 30 days before departure (if not yet done):

  • At this juncture, our suppliers will be paid according to your group size. Any changes at this point can severely impact the quality and/or final price of your trip;
  • Your Tour Consultant will guide you through your final invoice, ensuring that both everything is in order and the balance is paid in full;
  • Your Tour Consultant will also guide you through your final itinerary.

Up to 7 days before departure:

  • Your Tour Consultant will guide you through the final sprint. He/she will go over:
    • All information related to transportation: airport check-in, motorcoach company and driver name (as well as driver’s contact information and/or pager number at Arrivals terminal), etc.;
    • All information related to your Tour Leader(s): name, contact information, meeting point, etc. If you are flying to your destination, your Tour Leader(s) will greet you at Arrivals;
    • The first day of your itinerary, in detail;
    • Destination-specific information such as weather, current events, etc.
  • Your Tour Consultant will also request your contact info at which you can be reached the day of departure and/or throughout the trip.