Insurance Options

You might be wondering why you should include insurance in your student travel plans. When faced with the expense of a class trip, it's tempting to turn a blind eye to insurance as a means of cutting down on the total cost of your trip.

A travel insurance policy is not unlike any insurance policy: it's peace of mind. You might never need it, but in the unlikely and unfortunate case that you do, it's there to fall back on. The cost of insurance is very inexpensive compared to unprecedented emergency costs that can run into the thousands when travelling abroad. The trip of a lifetime can turn into a very challenging experience if you’re not covered for events such as lost luggage, accidents and/or illness.

By law, we are required to inform you of the available insurance plans. Below, please find our two travel insurance plans and our comprehensive and exclusive refund guarantee program.


Option A (medical only)

Includes coverage for:


  • Hospital and medical expenses
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation
  • Subsistence & out-of-pocket expenses
  • Expenses related to your death
  • Bedside companion travel subsistence
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Return of children under your care

Cost: $4.00 per day, per insured person
For more information about this policy, please contact us






Option B (comprehensive)

Includes coverage for:


  • Accidental death, in flight
  • Accidental death, non flight
  • Trip cancellation
  • Trip interruption
  • Next occupancy
  • Missed connection
  • Schedule change
  • Flight delay
  • Return of vehicle
  • Baggage & personal effects
  • Baggage delay

Cost: determined by value of your trip
For more information about this policy, please contact us






Exclusive Product: Refund Guarantee Protection (RGP)

Available to groups of 30+ paying participants

This isn't just any insurance product. The RGP is exclusive to Jumpstreet Tours and reimburses for any reason and at any time for trips travelling to Canada and the United States.

The rule is simple: you can drop out when you want. Any reason is a good reason. You simply need to purchase the RGP at the same time as your initial deposit.

The RGP includes:


  • Trip drop out at any time, whatever the reaso

If you wish to drop out of your tour, simply send us a short note explaining why you are dropping out and we will send you a cheque within 10 business days. We will reimburse all sums paid to Jumpstreet, minus the extra cost of the RPG, according to the following timeline:




  • 100% of sums paid if dropping out for medical reasons, anytime prior to departure (doctor’s note required)
  • 100% of sums paid if dropping out up to 48 hours before the tour
  • 50% of sums paid if dropping out less than 48 hours before the tour
  • 0% of sums paid if dropping out after tour departure date (if trip Interruption is a concern for you, please consult Option B - Comprehensive Plan)

Cost: determined by value of your trip
For more information about this policy, please contact us