Class Trip Planning Resources

When it comes to planning class trips, we've worked with teachers, students, and communities from every corner of North America and beyond; we've enjoyed the activities, slept in the hotel beds, and eaten the food served at all our wonderful destinations.

We've channeled all this experience into a suite of helpful class trip-planning resources to help you become the organizing genius that you're destined to be. From comprehensive checklists to promotional videos to help you boost recruitment, taking two minutes to download these resources could go a long way towards ensuring that everyone in your group is prepared, safe, and raring to go.

Demo Video for Our Online Registration & Payment Portal

With our next-generation online payment portal, parents can both register their children and pay individually; all payments will be automatically invoiced at your convenience; as the trip-organizer, you'll have access to a host of useful management tools, including individual and group messaging, automated waiting lists, news feeds, and message boards where you can even upload key documents like itineraries, insurance details and rooming lists. With this portal, Jumpstreet will be able to do even more of the heavy lifting for you. Here's a quick demo to guide you through it.

Promotional Video to Boost Recruitment for Your Winter Quebec Trip

They say a picture's worth a thousand words... so a video must be worth, like, a million. One of our groups was gracious enough to let us tag along and film their 2016 winter class trip to Quebec. It wasn't easy bottling all the fun they had into one 2-minute video, but it will definitely give your group a taste of the awesome activities, amazing Tour Leaders and delicious local food that they can look forward to.

Tour-Planning Checklist

When it comes to planning an educational tour, you deserve a user-friendly experience that allows you to focus on your priorities and build up excitement with your students. This free and simple checklist will help you stay on track during your trip-planning process.

Class Trip Fundraising Guide

A great fundraiser can help not only offset your class trip cost but also raise awareness, which leads to more interest, more support, and more success. Here's some insight to finding the right formula for an effective fundraiser that can help you get years of unforgettable class trips off the ground.

Europe Class Trip Packing Guide

Preparing for your epic class trip to Europe? This definitive guide will help you find the perfect balance between travelling light, staying comfortable, and being prepared for the unpredictable.

Winter Packing Guide

Here at Jumpstreet, we live for winter. We know how to prepare for it without having to pack everything but the kitchen sink. With our official Winter Packing List, you’ll find that perfect balance between travelling light and staying toasty!

Spring Packing Guide

The snow has melted. The birds have returned from visiting their grandparents in Florida. The world is suddenly looking greener, warmer and more welcoming. Spring is here. Just in time for your student tour! Here’s what we recommend you bring with you.

Travel and Cell Phone Usage

Freeze! Before you snap that sweet selfie in New York City's Times Square, or Instagram that mountain of poutine you're about to eat for breakfast in Montréal, your cellphone bill is begging you to read this.

Making the Most of Foreign Currency

If your class trip is headed to a foreign country, it’s worth going out of your way to find an exchange rate that gets you the best bang for your buck.