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Extending Your Classroom Since 1989

Whatever the destination, we work closely with you to ensure that your itinerary supports your specific curriculum requirements.


From language immersion to hands-on workshops, the Jumpstreet Educational Tours experience is meant to be an extension of the classroom, not a detour from it.

We also care about personal growth. Teenagers are mighty resilient and flexible - like pretty much everyone else, they just need a little nudge out of their comfort zone. That's why educational travel is worthwhile. Having served communities all over North America for decades and counting, we’ve seen countless examples of our class trips acting as a space for students to truly realize their potential.

Our itineraries encourage independence, resourcefulness and open-mindedness. Engaging with foreign languages, cultures, and communities – especially without parents – helps them think and act with self-awareness, and the endless wave of new experiences nurtures their ability to adapt, share and reason with others. In an increasingly virtual world, this may be the most important skill of all.

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Itineraries, pricing, resources and testimonials from teachers, parents and organizers like you. There's a page about our referral program, too. Great for preliminary planning meetings.
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We've channelled 30+ years of student travel smarts into a suite of helpful class trip-planning resources to help you become the organizing genius that you're destined to be.
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Health & Safety

Present this free resource about our health and safety policy to school board administrators and parents for trip approvals, support, and peace of mind.
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From approvals to presentations, our Tour Consultants are here to jump through the trip-planning hoops right alongside you.


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