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Quebec & Côte Nord

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First, Quebec City, with its charming ambiance, rich history and incredible culture. Second, the gateway to a boreal paradise: with its beaches straight out of an exotic paradise, school groups will love the unusual outdoor outings on the North Coast!

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Our tours begin with ...

Day 1

  • After a brief orientation, enjoy some free time in Old Quebec, a good chance to practice your French!
  • Laval University is famous for being the first French University in North America, and... for its network of underground tunnels!
  • Feast and dance during your authentic French Canadian sugar shack experience;

Day 2 

  • Let's start the day off right with a lovely breakfast at the La Traite restaurant, located in the heart of Wendake just north of Quebec City;
  • Visit Le Village Huron to learn more about the First Nations ways of life, past, present and future;
  • Let's go to the mall, the Galeries de la Capitale! This is an awesome place to practice your French. You'll explore, order lunch, maybe buy a souvenir or three;
  • Enjoy the Côte-de-Beaupré! Visit the Ste-Anne de Beaupré shrine, the Canyon Ste-Anne, the Montmorency Falls, take part in a copper engraving workshop, or enjoy a delicious poutine;
  • Gear up for your bowling party at Quillorama Frontenac!

Day 3

  • Direction : Tadoussac!
  • A breath, a dorsal, a tail and maybe a jump? Awe-inspiring sights await during your whale watching cruise in the Fjord;
  • Broaden your knowledge on marine biodiversity during your interactive visit of the Marine Mammal Interpretation Centre;

  • Free time to discover the charming village of Tadoussac : explore the English cottages side by side with Canadian homes on la Rue de la Coupe de l’Islet, and much more!
  • Time for a tractor ride across farmland, with a special stop in a chennil to say hi to the beautiful malamute dogs!
  • Dig in to a traditional Québecois meal at La Ferme 5 Étoiles;
  • Time for a cozy campfire as you listen to wolf legends! We hope you never live to prove these tales true…

Day 4 

  • Time for some wildlife observation. On the horizon: American bison, deer and moose!

  • Welcome to Baie Comeau! Enjoy a good lunch at a local cantina, where you'll find poutine at its best!
  • Partake in an extraordinary multimedia experience that will take you to the Glacier Age at the Jardin des Glaciers;
  • Continue your immersion 20,000 years ago at the Valley of Shells, where the beauty of time materializes through a natural amphitheatre of millions of shells;
  • Dinner and free time at downtown Baie-Comeau. This is a great chance to practice your French!

Day 5

  • Be prepared for the impressive Jean Lessage – Manic 2 Hydro-Electric Dam. A dynamic guided tour of the dam and its facilities will change the way you view Quebec’s electricity system;
  • Accompanied by a dynamic guide, the woodcutter’s job and forestry techniques of the past will no longer have secrets for you at the Village Forestier d'Antan;
  • Enjoy an old-fashioned lunch worthy of a lumberjack including a traditional cipaille with sugar pies and much more;
  • All Aboard : next stop, Sept-Îles, where you'll have a break for dinner at the Fisherman’s Snack Crust: a “guédille aux homards” is a must!

Day 6

  • Spend the day at the national park of l’Archipel-de-Mingan. A guide awaits you on each island with a themed guided tour, where you will have the chance to observe nature at its best, while broadening your knowledge of the fauna and flora;
  • Spend the evening in one of Sept-Îles’ beaches, known for being a real hidden paradise.

Day 7

  • Time to head say goodbye to Sept-Îles and the North Coast and to head back to Quebec City!
Destination Recommendations 
5 TO 7 Days
May to October
French Immersion

The regions of Quebec allow you to live a full French immersion for your students.

Outdoor Destination

Taking a break from a big city allows the students to reconnect with nature, learn more about the culture and history of Quebec's province and to enjoy terrific landscapes.

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