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Our Destinations

Canadian Destinations

Montreal & Quebec City

A legendary combo for French teachers. You get all the history and heritage in Quebec City, complemented by Montreal's cosmopolitan charm.
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French Quebec

With 30+ years of Quebec class trips under our belt, our programs are expertly designed to breath integration and immersion into your French curriculum.
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Quebec Winter Carnival

You’ll get all the French Quebec classics, plus a full suite of winter wonderland activities at one of the biggest and most visited Carnivals in the world.
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With its Francophone roots and multicultural diversity, you can integrate any language curriculum in Montreal. It's a language teacher’s dream.
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We're covering so much ground here: Parliament Hill, the Supreme Court of Canada, the Royal Canadian Mint, the National Aviation Museum, and more.
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The Maritimes

A class trip to Eastern Canada will paint a picture of French Canadian heritage, Maritime character, and breathtaking Canadian landscapes.
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