Why Student Travel?

Simply put, student travel nurtures both academic and personal growth.

From an educational standpoint, Jumpstreet works closely with teachers and administrators to ensure that our itineraries support and bolster curriculum requirements. From language immersion to hands-on workshops, the Jumpstreet experience is meant to be an extension of the classroom, not a detour from it.

Meanwhile, travel can unlock students' personal growth by taking them out of their comfort zone and into a wholly new space, helping them better-understand and appreciate new languages, cultures, belief systems, eating habits… the list goes on.

Here are some concrete examples of how our educational field trips can be a gift that keeps on giving:

  • We believe in fostering not only teamwork but also leadership. After three decades of serving communities all over North America, we’ve seen countless examples of our class trips acting as a space for students to realize their potential;

  • We work closely with your community to ensure that your itinerary nurtures independence, resourcefulness and open-mindedness – all essential traits that will enrich students’ personal, spiritual and professional space;

  • Our philosophy is that, as students, just being in a major international urban center – especially without our parents – prepares us to think, act and negotiate with an evolved sense of self-awareness. Moving as a large group in a bustling, dynamic environment – on a schedule no less – encourages us to become more alert and responsive within the ebb and flow of the masses.

  • The countless social interactions that take place during our school trips are unique to students’ daily routine and nurtures their ability to adapt, share and reason with others. In an increasingly virtual world, this may be the most important skill of all.

When students return from a class trip, the energy is positively humming. It's infectious: parents, siblings and friends will feel it; younger students too. Before long, the trip is the talk of the hallways and the grade below will eagerly anticipate their own class trip in a year's time. In time, the class trip weaves its ways into the culture of the school, which brings teachers, parents and the community at large closer. Everybody wins.