Our Approach to Planning Your Class Trips

Jumpstreet’s goal is to make student travel an integral part of your community. We aim to achieve this by striking a balance between precise and personalized approaches to the delivery of our educational travel programs.

Our precise approach is inherent in all our processes so that your role in the trip-planning is smooth, user-friendly and without any unwelcome surprises. All our underlying logistics are meticulously-planned: your transportation and accommodations are well-timed and respectful of your budget, your meals and activities are seamless, enjoyable and complimentary of your trip objectives, and our communication with you is prompt, helpful and transparent.

We believe that every travelling group – Jumpstreet customers or not – deserves this level of service at the very least. Meanwhile, we also implement a personalized approach to foster lasting relationships and further enrich both your planning and travel experience. Here’s how:

  • We assign a personal Tour Consultant to every school because we believe in supporting the trip-organizer with dedicated resources. This includes a 24/7 emergency line that patches you directly to our senior staff.
  • We strongly believe in hiring and training our Tour Leaders in-house because it’s the best way to provide your group with a personalized service that will bring your itinerary to life. They stay with you for the duration of your trip. They’re young, dynamic, University-educated and bilingual, if not multilingual. Our Tour Leader team is crafted to inspire your students and instill confidence and comfort in you and your chaperones.
  • Having spent almost three decades in close collaboration with teachers all over North America, we believe in developing our own exclusive activities to compliment curriculum objectives and encourage student engagement. Examples include:
    • Our Spanish immersion programs in New York City and Montreal – before Jumpstreet, few inroads had even been made for student groups to apply their Spanish and learn about immigration in North America via communities like the Lower East Side;
    • Exclusive New York City programming developed in-house by our Operations and Marketing departments. This year alone, we introduced:
      • Photo scavenger hunt for The Metropolitan Museum of Art;
      • Animal Classification activity for the American Museum of Natural History;
      • Media Studies activity for the 9/11 Museum;
    • An exclusive French scavenger hunt where students go to grocery stores or markets in Quebec and apply their French-speaking skills to complete food-themed French Canadian expressions, e.g. Les ‘carrots’ sont cuites (‘the carrots are cooked’ – French Canadian equivalent of ‘spilled milk’);
    • Custom fact-finding missions in all our major destinations, which combines the fun of a scavenger hunt with the benefit of learning about a destination as you go;
    • Local dance and percussion workshops for our Spanish immersion trips;
    • ‘Green’ tourism workshops animated by our Tour Leaders. Sustainable tourism is at the core of our educational travel philosophy;
    • Workshops dedicated to Canadian folklore and oral history. Jumpstreet has played an enormous role in developing artisanal tourism along the Beaupré Coast in Quebec City, not to mention First Nations tourism in Wendake;
  • We developed a suite of helpful Trip-Planning Resources because we believe in sharing and empowering communities with student travel smarts, including:
    • Tips on getting the best out of your planning experience;
    • Packing lists for every season;
    • Guides for managing cell phone usage abroad, fundraising campaigns, foreign currency and spending money budgets;
  • As part of Travelopia, the largest collection of travel companies in the world, we benefit immensely from a shared belief in health and safety. Our Health & Safety Policy is unmatched and covers supplier evaluation and selection, internal health and safety processes for our staff, and training that gives you and your community peace of mind. Further, we’re part of a global network of offices and affiliates that not only facilitates partnerships, expertise and program development around the world but also worldwide customer support on-the-ground, 24/7.