Meet our staff, the faces behind the road.

A great student tour doesn't just appear out of thin air.

You know what makes the road so easy breezy? All the serious business behind the scenes. It’s kind of like lesson planning. We get it all figured out in advance, minute by minute. But we learned to make room for surprises.

At Jumpstreet Tours you have a dedicated 24/7 phone number to reach us anytime you need help, except during episodes of—just kidding! That’s what DVRs are for. Call us anytime, really. We’re happy to help or chat about the weather.

The people working behind the scenes care deeply about your experience with Jumpstreet Tours. From the first time you contact us to the day your trip returns home (and until your next trip with us), you have a dedicated team of travel professionals working for you to ensure that your student tour is an unforgettable experience.