Help us Bring Our Class Trips to Life! Become a Jumpstreet Tour Leader

Are you an energetic, bilingual person with experience working with teens?

Are you passionate about travel, immersion, history, art, education, anthropology, architecture, communications, humor… and better still, do you love to share this passion with others?

We are looking for active, thoughtful people who possess the qualities of a leader but can also work well in a team. This work is ideal for students, freelancers, part-timers and the seasonally-employed!

So what is this job? In a nutshell, our Tour Leaders:

  • Lead educational trips to destinations all over North America, Central America and Europe. The average domestic trip lasts 3 to 5 days, and the average overseas trip lasts 8 to 10 days;
  • Bring each trip to life by accompanying our student groups, passing on pertinent information in a way that’s both engaging and entertaining, and encouraging language immersion if applicable;
  • Run our student trips smoothly, safely and resourcefully (with support);
  • Support teachers and chaperones, and encourage students to fall in love with travel.

When will I work?

Our class trips generally take place between January and June, but the busiest time is March to June. We expect Tour Leaders to be available for at least 5 trips between March and June. Trips are assigned at least 3 months in advance. We pay well and our clients are the best! You will receive all the necessary training in-house.


For those based in the United States, click here.

For those based in Canada, click here.

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