Plannning a class trip. That's genius!

What comes next? Here’s some food for thought to help you hit the ground running.

So you’ve had the dream:

What is the goal of my trip?
Culture? History? Art? Language? General knowledge? Ask yourself what you hope to achieve so that we can tailor an itinerary that’s as engaging as it is entertaining.

Where are we going?
From French immersion to Social Studies, different destinations cater to different goals. You might also consider combining destinations to get the best of both worlds.

When are we going?
Other trips or events at your school that might impact your plans. Peak travel periods, like long weekends, can also affect your itinerary and price. Knowing this will help you pick the right time of year to travel, avoid overlap, and boost enrolment.

Who am I bringing?
Knowing how many students, colleagues, and chaperones to expect will give us a sense of the kind of itinerary and service needs best suited for your group size.

How can I make the most of my budget?
Our priority is to work with your budget, not against it. From creative programming to travelling outside of peak seasons, we’ll help you save on cost without skimping on quality.

Do I need approval from my department head, administration, and/or school board?
Whether it’s paperwork or presentations, let us know if you need approval. We’re equipped to jump the hoops right alongside you.

What am I getting for the cost of this trip?
Take the time to review each bidder’s terms and conditions. What exactly is included in the price? Will your students be safe and happy? Will fluctuating fuel and exchange rates affect your price? Challenge your student travel provider with these questions; you deserve nothing less.

What do I need from my tour operator?
You deserve a wonderful and safe experience for your students. You also deserve peace of mind. Ask your provider what kind of liability coverage you will be travelling with, and whether or not your price includes overnight hall monitors.

What do I need to run a successful parent/teacher evening?
A compelling presentation that’s as exciting as it is reassuring can go a long way to getting this trip off the ground. We can provide promotional materials, personalized slideshows, and even guest speakers (pending availability). Just give us a shout.

What can I do to boost enrolment?
Merging other subjects/classes, and reaching out to colleagues, parents and community members can help participation. You might even want to consider merging with another school.

Are there fundraising expectations in my community?
From bottle drives to social media campaigns, there’s a wealth of options out there. An effective fundraiser is both great financial support and a team-building exercise.

Are there any special needs that I should take into consideration?
We’re more than happy to make special arrangements for you on the road and our tailored insurance and cancellation packages have got you covered. You simply need to give us a heads up.

So you’ve booked a class trip (congrats!):

Am I ready?
You are totally ready. Because you know that student travel is worth the effort, and you know that your students will be better for it. For everything in between, we’re at your service. Payments, rooming lists, consent forms… it’s our job to make this a user-friendly experience so you can focus on what matters: looking forward to this trip. We also have a suite of trip-planning resources to keep you and your group firing on all cylinders.

Are my students ready?
As you build up excitement, you’ll also be keeping tabs on key details like dietary restrictions, travel documentation (if applicable), and packing lists. At Jumpstreet Tours, you’ll have access to a personal Tour Consultant who will help you keep the trains (and students) running on time.

So your trip is tomorrow (woot woot!):

Are we ready?
You are totally ready! Everyone is packed and ready to roll. You've had your final parent meetings; you've collected all the necessary documentation: travel, medical, consent forms... the works. None of this was onerous for you because your Jumpstreet Tour Consultant was cheering you on and supporting you and every turn. Speaking of which, you had your final pre-trip conversation with your Consultant, who briefed you about your motorcoach operator (driver), your intrepid Tour Leader(s), the weather forecast at your destination, and any other details that will help you hit the ground running upon arrival. It's on like Donkey Kong!

Bon voyage!
Your Tour Leader will greet you at your destination and provide everything required to ensure the safety of your students: lanyards featuring our 24/7 toll-free number, not to mention user-friendly instructions for calling us in the unlikely event of an emergency. Our Tour Leaders are experts in the field (not to mention energetic and inspiring superstars) and their first order of business will be making you and your students feel welcome, comfortable, and ready for adventure.

Hey, welcome back:

We love feedback!
Your trip is done; you're back home, safe and sound, and everyone's still buzzing from the amazing time they had. Meanwhile at Jumpstreet, we'll be reviewing the evaluation form you submitted to your Tour Leader; your Jumpstreet Tour Consultant will also follow up with you to welcome you home and review your trip. This feedback is so, so important to us because it helps us improve our service and perfectly tailor your next trip with us :)