Our history

We started small in 1988, with family. Then we recruited friends. Those friends recruited friends and family, and so on and so on.

Decades later, here we are. And throughout those two-plus decades, Jumpstreet has been an innovative leader. We were the first to change educational tours for the better by:

  • Increasing hands-on programming during tours
  • Improving student safety with nighttime security guards
  • Elevating customer service with a 24-hour help line to a company director.

In 2006, Jumpstreet Tours merged with Educatours, our Francophone company that brings Quebec students to the U.S. We're excited to serve both U.S. students and Quebec students, and equally proud of the economic benefits our business brings to our home province. 

At the same time, Jumpstreet Tours became part of the Travelopia group of companies. This partnership gives us the ability to develop a program of international student tours, as well as the financial stability to provide our groups with substantial liability protection and, just as important, create and maintain jobs here in Montreal.

As we grow, and as part of a global network of travel companies, we maintain the same values that helped us become the innovative educational tour leaders we are. How? We pass down the wow-ness person-to-person, face-to-face, one student tour at a time. We’re people who value people, and that’s training you can’t get from a handbook.

Jumpstreet Tours is a member of Travelopia.