Environmental Policy

We have so much love for teachers, students, and of course our staff and Tour Leaders, teachers and students, so it goes without saying that we love our planet too. Here's how we make our student tours sustanable:

1. Tour Leader and Student Group Education

Jumpstreet Tours incorporates an environmental awareness message into our educational tours. Our tour leaders are specially trained in sustainable tourism, and our passengers will learn the importance of their actions while travelling and be encouraged to make choices that reduce their impact on the environment both during and after their trip. By setting a good example and encouraging responsible behaviour we are raising the environmental awareness of thousands of students each year.

2. Our office is located in a LEED building

LEED certification respects the principles of sustainable development and meets the most rigorous standards for environmental certification. Our office is located in a preserved, historic industrial building that has been retrofitted with efficient, sustainable systems constructed with recycled materials. Think big window for natural light and ventilation, super-efficient heating and A/C, and easy access to mass transit and other alternative modes of transportation. It's a great place to work, and we feel good about working here.

3. We are using less paper

We are working to reduce the use of paper in the office by saving information and communication digitally and only printing when absolutely necessary. We store back-up documentation digitally instead of in print. We also cut down on print materials for conferences and special events.